Vita Clotilde (ヴィータ・クロチルダ), also known under her aliases the Witch of the Abyss (深淵(しんえん)魔女(まじょ)) as a Hexen Clan witch, the Azure Abyss ((あお)深淵(しんえん)) as an Ouroboros member and the Azure Diva ((あお)歌姫(うたひめ)) as opera singer, is the second Anguis of Ouroboros. Vita moonlights as a radio presenter for Radio Trista, presenting the programme "Abend Time" under the alias Misty (ミスティ). As a member of the Hexen Clan, Vita is responsible to guide the Awakener for Ordine, the Azure Knight.


Vita vanished from the Hexen Clan after breaking an unspecified taboo in S.1197 and presumably joined Ouroboros immediately after that.

Her familiar, a bird named Grianos, was killed in S.1204 by Rufus Albarea.

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