Uncertainty weighs on the hearts of all people, but it's far preferable to standing still.
—Viscount Arseid to Rean after their match, Trails of Cold Steel

Victor S. Arseid (ヴィクター・S・アルゼイド), also known as the Radiant Blademaster (光の剣匠), is the Viscount of Legram, captain of the Courageous and the father of Class VII member Laura S. Arseid.


Victor is born in S.1161.

Victor wields the Galland-Sharl, a greatsword that's been passed down in the Arseid family for generations and originally wielded by the ancestor of the Arseid family, the second-in-command of the Eisenritter.


Craft (Sen Skill) Radiant Cleaver


Craft (Sen Skill) Radiant Spin


S Craft (Sen Skill) Radiant Phoenix Slash



  • Victor seems to be worried that none of the boys would fall in love with his daughter, Laura, since she is not a typical girl.
  • He is the first captain of the Courageous

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