Hello! This is the first installment of the Sen III Hype Train series! Each month I will be analyzing new promotional material released for the game, in the event that there is no material released for a given month, I will instead talk about theories and expectations for the upcoming game.

Sen III Hype Train







The discussion for January will be about the images released during the annual Falcom shareholder meeting on December 20th.

Crossbell 1 - Announcement (Sen III)

The first image shows Rean running through the East Street in Crossbell. There are a few notable things about this picture. First, we can see that unlike in Zero/Ao, Crossbell now has roads, presumably to allow Rufus to travel in his orbal limousine. The second thing we can see is the back of Rean's coat, the texture is different from the one in the original Sen III promotional image, confirming that it is in fact not him.

Battle System - Announcement (Sen III)

Moving on to the next image, we see that the battle interface has drastically changed from previous games. From the top right corner we can tell that brave points are returning, which signals the return of combat links. We also see a new command called "order". Currently it seems that this command provides buffs to the team, but what its full effects are remains to be seen. From this picture we can also tell that Altina will be playable.

Kurt - Screenshot (Sen III) 04

The third image shows a currently unnamed character with blue hair standing in a grassy field. Due to his hairstyle's resemblance to that of Jusis Albarea, some have begun affectionately calling him "Blusis". The main point of interest here is the uniform he is wearing, and the patch on his shoulder. The patch is of the Thors emblem, so it is reasonable to assume these are new Thors uniforms.

Ordis Promo (Sen III)

This fourth image is the one that excited me the most upon first glance. If you look carefully in the far right, you can see the crest of House Cayenne, which suggests that this location is Ordis. From a plot perspective, Ordis is very important, as it is where the Azure Knight, Ordine was sealed. Ordis has been teased for multiple games, so finally getting to see it is great.

Sara Valestein - Announcement(Sen III)

The final image that I will be discussing this month has the most information of any image. From a quick glance we can see Sara Valestein's new outfit, but that is arguably the least interesting thing here. It seems she is tracking Lechter Arundel here, which may hint at the fan theory of Lechter being Ouroboros' fourth Anguis, but at the same time it may just be because Lechter has so many mysteries. In addition to this, the historic beauty of the area suggests that it is Saint-Arkh, the last of the four provincial capitals to be seen. This city is also the location of the battle interface picture discussed above.

That's all for the January update of the Sen III Hype Train! Check in next month for more hype!

Aliseyun (talk) 05:08, January 7, 2017 (UTC)