This is a timeline of Zemurian history, comprising important legal, territorial and cultural changes and political events in the continent of Zemuria.[Note 1]

Pre-Septian Calendar

  • Aidios passes down seven Sept-Terrion to humanity, branching it into seven factions, each in pursue of another ideal.[Note 2]
  • Two gods descend from the heavens with their kin and are drawn irresistibly into battle. After fighting for a thousand days, their fight ends in mutual defeat.[2]

Septian Calendar

Dark Ages

S.1 (est.)


S.170 (est.)

S.200 (est.)


S.470 (est.)

Middle Ages

S.500 (est.)

S.700 (est.)

S.880 (est.)

S.900 (est.)






S.985 (est.)

S.1000 (est.)


S.1090 (est.)

S.1100 (est.)



Post-Orbal Revolution

S.1150 (est.)













  • Transit commuter airship Cecilia is commissioned.[37]










Year Date Event
  • The Orbal Network, a joint venture between the Zeiss Central Factory and the Epstein Foundation, is publicly announced.
  • In Liberl, Rolent is visited by the Harvey Troupe and Scherazard Harvey becomes an acquaintance of the Bright family.
  • The Tragedy of Hamel occurs in the village of Hamel near the border between Erebonia and Liberl, leading to the Hundred Day War during spring.
  • Journalist Marcel Nielsen of the Crossbell Times wins the Fulitzer Prize for his report on the Hundred Day War.
  • Giliath Osborne retires from the Imperial army.
  • In Erebonia, Rean Schwarzer is abandoned on and taken in by Teo Schwarzer.
  • Loewe and Joshua Astray are taken in by Georg Weissmann and join Ouroboros.
  • Liberl and Erebonia enter a peace treaty as intermediated by the Septian Church. The export of orbments to Erebonia resumes.
  • In Erebonia, Giliath Osborne assumes office as Chancellor and is promoted to count in the process.
  • Giliath Osborne orders the annihilation of the jaeger corps Arngarmr except for its leader Vulcan.
  • Cassius Bright retires from the Royal Army and joined the Bracer Guild.
  • Dan Russell retires from the Royal Army.
  • Bleublanc is arrested for falsifying his personal history but manages to escape from prison.
  • The IBC becomes the largest holder of assets in Zemuria and relocates its main building.
  • In Erebonia, the city-state of Jurai accepts the Imperial government's proposal to get connected to its railroad network.
  • The Harvey Troupe is dissolved.
  • The parents of Elie MacDowell file for a divorce.
  • Ozma Seeker, the father of Noel and Fran Seeker, is killed in the line of duty.
  • Arianrhod and Yin fight.
  • Fie is found by Rutger Claussell.
  • Joshua Astray begins operations as a member of Ouroboros.
  • In Erebonia, the railroad connecting Jurai to Erebonia is bombed. Giliath Osborne visits the Jurai city state and proposes to merge Jurai with Erebonia.
  • Georg Weissmann is excommunicated from the Septian Church.
  • Tio Plato is abducted by the D∴G Cult.
  • The Jurai city state merges with Erebonia.
  • In Crossbell, Marconi assumes office as Revache's fifth chairman and starts a collaboration with the jaeger corps Zephyr leader Garcia Rossi.
  • Renne Hayworth is abducted by the D∴G Cult.
  • Renne is rescued by Ouroboros from the D∴G Cult Lodge, Paradise.
  • Alisa Reinford's father passes away.
  • Jusis Albarea's biological mother passes away, and he himself is taken in by Duke Albarea.
  • In Erebonia, Rean Schwarzer discovers his demonic power in Ymir.
  • In Liberl, Version 1.0 of the Capel orbal computer at Zeiss Central Factory is completed.
  • In Liberl, the Rolent Clock Tower is rebuilt.
  • In Calvard, Master Ryuga of the Taito school passes away after a match with his discipline Walter, who escaped to Ouroboros afterwards.
  • Walter, Sharon Kreuger, Blueblanc, Joshua Astray,Lucciola,Loewe and two others formed the Enforcers of Ouroboros.
  • Joshua Astray is adopted into the Bright family.
  • Loewe receives the demon sword Kernviter from the Grandmaster of Ouroboros.
  • Sharon Kreuger starts work as a servant for the Reinford family.
  • Rean Schwarzer is trained by Yun Ka-fai in the school of Eight Leaves One Blade school.
  • Wazy Hemisphere's Stigma manifests and joined the Gralsritter as the 9th Dominion.
  • Vita Clotilde breaks the laws of the Hexen Clan.
  • In Liberl, Saul John Holden [?] passes away and Aina Holden returns to Grancel for inheritance formalities.
  • Scherazard Harvey is promoted to senior bracer.
  • Kevin Graham is promoted to Squire among the Gralsritter.
  • Crow Armbrust leaves the special district of Jurai.
  • D∴G Cult Extermination takes place.
  • In Calvard, Guy Bannings saves Tio Plato from the Altair Lodge.
  • Cassius Bright is promoted to S-rank bracer.
  • The Aster House the city of Emelrose is attacked by jaegers, leading to the death of Gralsritter Knight Rufina Argent.
  • Kevin Graham's Stigma manifests; as a result, he assumes the position as the 5th Dominion.
  • Sara Valestein escapes the Northern Jaegers.
  • Machias Regnitz's cousin passes away.
  • Fie Claussell engages in actual combat.
  • In Crossbell, the Orbal Network is being installed.
  • In Remiferia, Albert von Bartholomäus is inaugurated as prince.
  • In Erebonia, Gwyn Reinford steps down as president of the Reinford Company and his daughter, Irina Reinford, assumes office as president.
  • Two railway guns are deployed at Garrelia Fortress in the western border of Erebonia.
  • The Capua Family is robbed from their properties and move to north Erebonia.
  • In Crossbell, a freight aircraft explodes, which leads to the death of Saya MacLaine.
  • Arios MacLaine resigns from the Crossbell Police Department and leaves the squad of Sergei Lou.
  • Sergei Lou is transferred to the Crossbell Police Academy.
  • Guy Bannings is transferred to the First Investigation Division.
  • Sergei Lou and Sonya Balz file for a divorce.
  • In Erebonia, Carl Regnitz assumes office as the governor.
  • In Liberl, Kilika Rouran starts working for the Bracer Guild branch in Zeiss.
  • The Gralsritter gain absolute control over the ruins of the D∴G lodges.
  • Noel Seeker enters the Crossbell Guardian Force.
  • In Liberl, the Intelligence Division of the Royal Army is established.
  • Loewe joins the Intelligence Division as 2nd Lieutenant Lorence Belgar.
  • Kloe Rinz enrolls in the Jenis Royal Academy.
  • Lechter Arundel drops out of Jenis Royal Academy.
  • In Crossbell, Guy Bannings passes away.
  • Lloyd Bannings move to Calvard to live with his uncle.
  • Tio Plato left her parents' home in Remiferia and is scouted by the Epstein Foundation, after which she moved to Leman.
  • Randy Orlando takes the test to become the War God of the Red Constellation jaeger corps.
  • Michael Gideon is dismissed from the Imperial College.
  • In Erebonia, Crow Armbrust establishes the Imperial Liberation Front.
  • In the City of Ordis, Crow Armbrust happens to run into the Azure Divine Knight Ordine and becomes its Awakener, with the assistance of Vita Clotilde.
  • Yin passes away, and is succeeded by Rixia Mao.

Start of the series - Present

Year Date Event
  • Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright become junior bracers (the start of Trails in the Sky FC).[46]
  • In Erebonia, the Jester jaeger corps systematically attacks Imperial Bracer Guild branches.
  • In Liberl, the airliner Linde disappears.
  • Construction of the high-speed cruiser Arseille is finished and it engages in test flights.
  • Colonel Alan Richard and the Intelligence Division of the Royal Army attempt a coup d'etat.
  • Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright are promoted to senior bracers.
  • Estelle Bright returns to Rolent (the start of Trails in the Sky SC).[4]
  • Cassius Bright returns to the Royal Army and earns the rank of brigadier general, assuming office as the head of military command, making him the head of the Royal Army.
  • Estelle Bright returns to Liberl from the Le Locle training ground in Leman.
  • Joshua Astray assists the Capua Family in infiltrating their old hideout in the Nebel Valley in northern Liberl to steal back the Bobcat.
  • Liberl, Erebonia and Calvard sign the non-aggression pact.
  • Randy Orlando leaves the Red Constellation jaeger corps.
  • In Arteria, Elie MacDowell starts studying abroad.
  • In Crossbell, the IBC boosts the development of a resort on Mishelam and starts the construction of Mishelam Wonderland.
  • Wazy Hemisphere forms the Testaments.
  • In Liberl, the Liber Ark appeared above Valleria Lake (Crisis of Liberl).
  • Throughout the entirety of Liberl and the southern half of Erebonia, all orbment functionality stopped working (Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon).
  • The Royal Capital of Grancel is attacked by Ouroboros.
  • The 3rd Armored Division of the Erebonian Army moves to the Haken Gate in Liberl.
  • The Liber Ark is destroyed; the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon comes to an end.
  • Giliath Osborne successively visits Crossbell City in Crossbell and Grancel in Liberl.
  • Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright leave Liberl.
  • In Erebonia, the 3rd Armored Division is transferred from Sutherland to the Zender Gate.
  • Gaius Worzel becomes acquainted with Zechs Vander.
  • In Calvard, the Red Constellation and Heiyue get into a dispute.
  • The Rocksmith Agency is established as part of the Calvardian government.
  • The Zeiss Central Factory starts working on the Orbal Gear Project.
  • In Erebonia, the first radio broadcasts begin.
  • Lloyd Bannings finishes his curriculum at the Police Academy in Crossbell.
  • In Crossbell, Heiyue opens the Heiyue Trading Company.
  • In Erebonia, Toval Randonneur, Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright settle the incident with the Ring of Judgement in the outskirts of Alster.[Supplementary 1]
  • Kevin Graham and Ries Argent recover the ancient artifact known as the Recluse Cube while in the Liberl (start of Trails in the Sky The 3rd)[Note 30]
  • Nial Burns and Dorothy Hyatt win the Fulitzer prize for their report on the crisis in Liberl.
  • The leader of Zephyr jaeger corps, Rutger Claussell, and leader of the Red Constellation jaeger corps, Baldur Orlando, lose their lives after an equal match for three days and three nights.
    • Sigmund Orlando takes over as leader of the Red Constellation.
    • Zephyr is disbanded and former members go their separate ways.
1204 January
1204 February
  • Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright register at the Crossbell branch of the Bracer Guild.
1204 March
  • An assassination attempt is carried out against Mayor Henry MacDowell in Crossbell City.
1204 31 March
1204 April
  • Crossbell celebrates its 70th Anniversary over the course of five days.
  • On the last day, the Special Support Section discovers KeA at the Schwarz Auction.
  • In Crossbell, blue Gnosis pills start circulating (the Cult Incident).
1204 May
  • In Crossbell, citizens starts to riot and the IBC building is attacked, among other events.
  • That same day, the Special Support Section infiltrates the Fort of Sun.
  • In Crossbell, the D∴G Cult is exposed as the cause of the Cult Incident. It becomes a big scandal and members of the state parliament are arrested, starting with Hartmann.
  • Dieter Crois wins mayoral elections and Henry MacDowell assumes office as chairman.
  • In Leman, the nearly-completed Eidolon Gear is stolen.
1204 28 June
  • At 3:00 at night, the Imperial Liberation Front attacks the Erebonian Army Watchtower in the Nord Highlands and the Calvardian army base.
  • The Crossbell Police Special Support Section temporarily breaks up.
1204 26 July
  • In Erebonia, the Imperial family is targeted by the Imperial Liberation Front in Heimdallr.
  • The Imperial Liberation Front reveals their pseudonyms.
1204 August
1204 18 August
1204 30 August
  • In Crossbell, construction of the continent's tallest building, the Orchis Tower, is completed.
    • That same day, Campanella declares the start of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.
1204 31 August
  • In Crossbell, the first West Zemuria Trade Conference is held. Dieter Crois proposes independence for Crossbell.
    • That same day, the conference at the Orchis Tower is interrupted by a terrorist attack orchestrated by both the Erebonia-based Imperial Liberation Front and a Calvard-based anti-immigration group. During the raid, Imperial Liberation Front member Michael Gideon is killed.
    • At the same time, the Imperial Liberation Front also attacks Garrelia Fortress in Erebonia.
1204 September
  • In Crossbell, the Special Support Section visits the Mishelam Wonderland for a break.
  • Akatsuki no Kiseki starts.[53]
  • Nacht Weiss meets Chloe Barnett and they become junior bracers in Crossbell
1204 25 September
  • In Erebonia, the Courageous is taken on its maiden voyage.
1204 26 September
  • In Erebonia, the Imperial Liberation Front attacks the Sachsen Iron Mine. During the attack, the aircraft of the terrorists explodes and falls out of the air with the ringleaders still onboard. Their bodies were retrieved and the end of their reign of terror announced the next day.
  • Mariabell Crois assumes office as president of IBC.
1204 October
  • In Erebonia, Thors Military Academy's Class VII takes a holiday in Ymir.
  • In Crossbell, Crossbell City is structurally attacked by the Red Constellation. In the process, the headquarters of the IBC is completely annihilated and a raid on an Arc-en-Ciel performance resulted in serious injures for performer Ilya Platiere.
  • Noel Seeker leaves the Special Support Section and returns to the Crossbell Guardian Force.
  • Subsequently, Crossbell State holds a referendum on its independence.
1204 22 October
  • Crossbell declares its independence.
1204 23 October
  • In Crossbell, Dieter Crois publicly declares that nations unsupportive of Crossbell's independence will have their funds from the IBC frozen.
    • That same day, Erebonia and Calvard put forth an ultimatum by which Crossbell must have cancelled their asset freeze or else they will forcefully end it with military force.
    • That same day, Arios MacLaine retires from the Bracer Guild.
    • That same day, Thors Military Academy's Class VII discovers the Ashen Divine Knight Valimar in the depths of the old schoolhouse.
1204 24 October
  • In Crossbell, Dieter Crois assumes office as president and holds an inaugural speech at the Orchis Tower.
    • That same day, the Special Support Section is arrested at Mishelam Wonderland. The Sept-Terrion of Zero is born.
    • That same day, both the 5th Armored Division of the Imperial Army and the Republic Air Force infiltrate Crossbell and are annihilated.
    • That same day at 16:21, Garrelia Fortress is completely annihilated.
    • That same day, the Special Support Section is restrained by the National Defense Force.
  • The Crossbell state proposes an alliance among nations of Zemuria.
  • In Calvard, an increase in anti-immigration terrorist grouped attacks leads to panic and a state of emergency is declared.
1204 30 October
  • In Erebonia, Chancellor Giliath Osborne is assassinated and the Noble Alliance takes over the Imperial capital, Heimdallr, sparking the Erebonian Civil War.
    • That same day, Vita Clotilde announces the start of the Second Movement of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.
    • That same day, the Noble Alliance invades Trista and takes over the Thors Military Academy, leaving its staff and many students to scatter throughout the nation.
1204 29 November
  • In Crossbell, Lloyd Bannings successfully escapes from Nox Prison.
1204 10 December
  • Apart from Crow Armbrust, all members of Thors Military Academy's Class VII manage to re-unite.
17 December
  • In Erebonia, the 4th Armored Division of the Imperial Army liberates the Twin Dragons Bridge from the Noble Alliance's occupation.
21 December
  • In Erebonia, Nortia Marquis Gerard Rogner withdraws from the Noble Alliance and declares abstention regarding the Civil War.
    • That same day, an Erebonian passenger airliner is hijacked.
23 December
  • In Erebonia, Celdic is completely burnt down.
  • In Crossbell, Chairman Henry MacDowell declares Crossbell's declaration of independence void. The Special Support Section reclaims the Stargazing Tower.
25 December
  • In Erebonia, the 4th Armored Division and the Railway Military Police start their invasion against the Kreuzen Provincial Army.
    • That same day, Kreuzen Duke Helmut Albarea is arrested.
    • That same day, the 4th Armored Division gains total control over the Kreuzen provincial capital Bareahard.
26 December
  • In Crossbell, the operation to liberate Crossbell City commences at 9:00.
    • That same day at 10:30, the infiltration of Orchis Tower begins.
    • That same day, Dieter Crois is arrested during the infiltration of Orchis Tower.
    • That same day, the Azure Tree appears in the Marshland of Blue southeast of Crossbell State.
30 December
  • In Erebonia, the liberation of Trista and Thors Military Academy by Class VII begins at 12:00.
  • In Crossbell, the Special Support Section infiltrates and destroys the Azure Tree.
    • That same day, Dieter Crois is arrested, after which Henry MacDowell re-assumes office as mayor of Crossbell alongside his position as chairman.
31 December
  • In Erebonia, the 3rd and 4th Armored Division of the Imperial Army prepare their liberation attack on Heimdallr at 12:00.
    • That same day at 12:20, Thors Military Academy's Class VII infiltrates the Karel Imperial Villa.
    • That same day, the Infernal Castle appears and shortly thereafter disappears again, after which Lamare Duke Cayenne is arrested.






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  17. Exact year unknown. In Trails in the Sky FC, the play Madrigal of the White Magnolia (set in S.1100), states "[i]t has been roughly ten years since the eastern republic was founded".[27] In Ao no Kiseki, President Samuel Rocksmith says that the constitution of Calvard was enacted "around the time of the revolution hundred years ago".[28] This corroborates the assumption that Calvard transitioned to republicanism in circa S.1100.
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Supplementary works

  1. Zero no Kiseki Prestory: Ring of Judgment

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