Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves (トールズ士官学校(しかんがっこう)・リーヴス(だい)II分校(ぶんこう)) is a branch of Thors Military Academy located in the suburb of Leeves, Erebonia.


The Branch Campus was established after the Erebonian Civil War. It is intended for foreigners, including students heralding from merged provinces Crossbell and North Ambria, and students who did not perform well in other schools.

The principal of the Branch Campus Leeves is Aurelia Le Guin, former commander of the Noble Alliance forces, supported by Railway Military Police major Michael.


Einher Fortlet (Sen III)

The Einher Fortlet.

Einher Fortlet

The Einher Fortlet (アインヘル小要塞) is an indoor training facility designed and built under supervision of Professor G. Schmidt. Enormous mechanisms allows to change the interior of the facility at will, making it a perfect place for students to practice their combat or give new weapons a try.



The core staff of the Leeves campus consists of the following members:


Whereas Thors Military Academy continues to offer its traditional Classes I through VI, Class VII through IX are taught at the Branch Campus Leeves.

The following classes represent school year S.1206-1207.

Image Name Role Origin
Randolph Orlando - Bust (Sen III)
Randolph Orlando Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Instructor Unknown
Ash Carbide - Bust (Sen III)
Ash Carbide Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Student Erebonia
Jessica Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Student Unknown
Kairi Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Student Unknown
Stark Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Student Unknown
Leonora Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Student Unknown
Freddy Class VIII - Emblem (Sen III) Student Unknown

Image Name Role Origin
Towa Herschel - Bust (Sen III)
Towa Herschel Class IX - Emblem (Sen III) Instructor Erebonia
Musse Egret - Bust (Sen III)
Musse Egret Class IX - Emblem (Sen III) Student Erebonia
Tita Russell - Bust (Sen III)
Tita Russell Class IX - Emblem (Sen III) Student City of Zeiss, Liberl


  • The Branch Campus Leeves building seems to be modelled after the prestigious Japanese university Toudai, located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. It is one of Japan's seven national universities.

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