Thirteen Factories (十三工房(じゅうさんこうぼう)) is a network of factories under supervision of F. Novartis.


Thirteen Factories, also known as Workshops, are specialised in the research and development of radical orbment technologies that have been around since antiquity.

A common misconception is that the Thirteen Factories are part of Ouroboros. In fact, the network combined might be a larger organisation than Ouroboros as a whole.[1]

List of known Factories


  • Although the network is called Thirteen Factories, there are supposedly only twelve factories in the network.


  1. Kondo, Toshihiro. 「勘違いしているかたも多いのですが、十三工房は結社 の手下というわけではありません。ひょっとしたら結社より も大きな存在である可能性もあります。」

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