Mirage Master Arts (Ao)

The illustration of the mirage Master Arts in Ao no Kiseki, which represents the Saint and the White Wolf.

The Saint and the White Wolf (聖女(せいじょ)(しろ)(おおかみ)) is a two-part book series found in Zero no Kiseki.

St. Ursula Medical College in Crossbell is named after the heroine in this story.


Vol. # Title Availability Location
1 Volume 1 Chapter 1 City Library, Crossbell City
2 Volume 2 Intermission

Volume 1

Long, long ago, in an era when mankind was divided in West and East, there lived a very kind girl in a certain town.

The girl supported everyone and passionately nursed victims of the war and epidemic alike. Everyone in town adored the girl, except for the ruling lord, who cared little for the girl who nursed the mercenaries of invading enemy nations back to health.

One day, the lord summoned his guardian knight.

"Have that pesky maiden slaughtered!"

At last he was sent to carry out the assassination of the girl.

The girl lived alone in a house on the cliff above the sea. The guardian knight headed toward the house where she lived to carry out the command of his lord.

No one would notice a stab after sunset. He hid in the forest near the house and waited until night.

That night, the girl emerged from the house to draw water from the well.

The knight who had been waiting in the forest tried to leave the forest. But with a loud howl, a white wolf appeared before him.

The white wolf looks at the knight with its red eyes. It is as if he tries to protect the girl. The knight started running to quickly get away from the place, but his feet slipped and he tumbled down the cliff.

When the guard woke up again, he found himself on a simple bed. Vaguely looking around, he saw the girl standing in the kitchen. Next he saw the bandage carefully wrapped around his body and realised that the girl had helped him.

"I am relieved you woke up."

As the knight was treated to warm soup, he felt sorry for the girl. He told her he had come to slaughter her to carry out the command of his lord.

The girl was a little surprised when she heard that, but soon smiled as if nothing happened.

"Still, I can not just look when a life granted by the Goddess is lost."

The knight was moved by the words of the girl. He thought that a girl so kind she risked her own life is like a daughter of the Goddess. And he would have slaughtered her were it not for that white wolf. The thought has a chill running down his spine. The white wolf must be a servant of the Goddess, ordered to protect Her daughter.

A few days later his body was healed up, so he thanked the girl and returned to his lord. He thought about convincing his lord to change his mind about the girl.

The girl headed to town with him to nurse like always.

The knight pondered how to convince his lord. He wanted to ask the opinion of the girl, but she did not seem to care about being disliked by people.

As they approached the town, they noticed the town was dyed red like a sunset.

But it was still noon...Finding it odd, the girl and knight looked closely at the state of the town. And what they noticed frightened them.

The town was red not by sunset but by the flames of war.

























Volume 2

As the girl and knight saw the flames of war, they were surprised. To check up on the townsfolk, they hurried toward the centre of the conflict.

 People injured or collapsed in the war were gathered in the local church.

 The girl carefully nursed each and every person, one after another. Her passion cheered up the war-wounded.

 The knight helped the girl by carrying fallen victims inside the church.

 After she had finished taking care of all townsfolk, she noticed that the lord who had sent the knight to her was not around.

 "H-Help me!"

 A familiar voice was heard from outside the church. Without a doubt, it belonged to the lord.

 The moment she hears it, the girl jumped out of the church where the conflict still raged one. The knight hurried after her.

 In the direction of the voice, the lord had fallen on his back and was attacked by mercenaries of the invading enemy nation.

 Ignoring the lord's pleads, one of the mercenaries raises his sword. It was on that moment, that blade was swung straight toward the body of the lord.

 The girl had flung herself between the lord and the mercenary, and shielded him from the blow with her body.

 The knight had been unable to stop her. The girl collapsed on the floor, right there.

 The mercenary who had slain the girl, although astounded, pointed his blade toward the lord once again.

 Then, on that place a beastly howl resounded throughout the area. The white wolf the knight had seen near the home of the girl appeared alongside its friends. The mercenaries feared the pack of ten wolves and escaped at once.

 The lord, the collapsed girl and the pack of white wolves stayed behind. Paying the wolves no heed, the lord could not comprehend why the girl had helped him.

 The girl fell flat and smiled at the lord.

 "Why would you save someone who tried to kill you?"

 He instinctively asked, as she replied

 "Your Grace is of great importance to this town. I had no choice but to rescue the symbol to the townfolk."

 The girl had protected the lord's life for the townspeople that suffered through the conflict.

 As the lord grasped the kindness of the girl and his own stupidity, the girl finally passed away.

 The white wolves surrounding him howled as if in grief and left to somewhere.

 The knight shed tears when he saw the girl was no longer moving.

 After that, the long fight had come to an end.

 Touched by the girl's kindness, the lord took over her will and established a "hospital" where the wounded and sick would be looked after.

 With the knight's help, the hospital came to save many lives.

 Ursula, the girl's name, became passed down as the name of the saint dispatched by Goddess. And the white wolves who watched over her has been living in the area, watching the people's way of life.