The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga- (英雄伝説(えいゆうでんせつ) 閃の軌跡(センノキセキ)~ジ・エンド・オブ・サーガ(- THE END OF SAGA -)~) is the ninth instalment in the Kiseki series, and the fourth and final game of the Erebonia arc.

The game is currently scheduled for a 27 September 2018 release for PlayStation 4.



Well then, Rean. Let us dye the world in despair, the dismal end of the fairy tale.

He stays crouched in the darkness of twilight. With the glow gone, the curse spreads through the empire. His cannot express his regrets, no matter how deep his agony. Answers he will not get, no matter how much he asks. Unable to protect what was dear to him and doing what cannot be undone, he wallows in despair. Even his fate as a sacrifice he came to accept.

That is what remains of the Ashen Chevalier, Rean Schwarzer.

And the world has start to move toward its end. Erebonia, the greatest military state in history, overwhelms the world under the name of the Earth Dragon, Jormungand. In turn, the world tries it worst by playing it lowest trump cards to catch the dragon and decapitate its head. All while knowing that the black will attempts to fulfill their long-cherished desire through this conflagration and the snakes' aim in order to make their master's dream come true, resorting to any means necessary.

Grab them at their collars and make sure they understand! Is that "role" not one only we can fullfill!?

Those words rekindled the worn souls.

Erebonian Empire, Thors Military Academy's Class VII. Overcoming differences in social standing, nationality and joined by their juniors, together they are the "best" class. They rise against the demise. They walk tall in order to retrieve their light and their wings.

Well then, let's see it for ourselves: the end of this damn fairy tale.
== Characters ==
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During the Nihon Falcom shareholder meeting on 20 December, 2017, Falcom officially unveiled Sen no Kiseki IV for the PlayStation 4 for Fall 2018. A teaser website featuring four screenshots was launched alongside the announcement.

Cover Art (Sen IV)

The game's cover art was revealed on 28 June 2018.

In their weekly update on 24 May 2018 Falcom announced that Sen no Kiseki IV would release on 27 September 2018. The company also revealed that the game would be released in a standard edition and an 'Eternal Edition' (永久保存版). The Eternal Edition contains, apart from the game, three books with the first three games' original scenario drafts ("Confidential Synopsis: Uncensored") and a physical message card from Altina Orion to Millium Orion, featuring a download code to obtain Altina's uniform from Trails of Cold Steel II.