Hyarms Marquisdom Crest (Sen)

The Sutherland Province (サザーランド州, sazaarando-shuu) is a province in the southwest of Erebonia. It is situated south of the Lamarre Province, east of the Kreuzen Province, and north of Liberl. It is ruled by Marquis Hyarms from its capital Saint-Arkh and maintains security through its military force, the Sutherland Provincial Army.


In S1203, the 3rd Armored Divison stationed in Sutherland was ordered by Chancellor Giliath Osborne to invade Liberl during the crisis. Lieutenant General Zechs Vander, however, made the decision to ignore the order. Thereupon Osborne had the 3rd Armored Divison relocated to the Zender Gate.


Sutherland Province - Map (Sen III)