Mirage Master Arts (Ao)

Possible illustration of St. Ursula, alongside Zeit, on the Master Arts card for the mirage element.

St. Ursula ((せい)ウルスラ) was a saint whom the St. Ursula Medical College is named after.


Ursula who was canonised by the Church, which earned her the title of 'St. Ursula'. Zeit knew Ursula (the two are collectively the subject of The Saint and the White Wolf) and as a result, he recognises on sight that Cecile Neues is a descendant of Ursula.

The Saint and the White Wolf

The Ursula for whom the hospital is named lived 'a long time ago' when the land was divided in two by a long war. She helped care for the wounded and the sick from both sides, which angered the local lord so he ordered one of his knights to kill her. A white wolf startled the man in the forest and he wound up falling down a cliff as he ran away. Ursula found him and nursed him back to help and he confessed what he had been sent to do.

Later, the town was attacked by mercenaries employed by the rival side of the war. Ursula died protecting the lord from one of the mercenaries, telling him that even though he tried to kill her, lives are still a precious gift of the Goddess no matter who they belong to. A whole group of white wolves appeared and drove off the mercenaries before surrounding Ursula's body and howling. The lord and his knight went on to found a hospital in her memory and in time, the Church declared her to be a saint.

As with some other works of fiction in the series, this one has been considerably altered through time and mythologising since Zeit knew Ursula and knows she lived to have children.

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