Sorciere Restaurant - Exterior (Sen II)

Sorciere Restaurant as seen from Central Plaza, Bareahard.

The Sorciere Restaurant (高級(こうきゅう)料理店(りょうりてん)《ソルシエラ》) is a high-class restaurant located on Central Plaza, Bareahard. It was opened by Owner Hammond with the desire to provide the highest quality of food to all their customers. The price range is adjusted to both nobles and the working class. The second floor of the restaurant, however, is reserved for nobility only.


Sorciere Restaurant (Sen II)

Interior of Sorciere Restaurant.


Owner Hammond serves as both the owner and head chef of the restaurant. His apprentice Calmin has been studying cooking under Hammond for five years and is close to being accepted as a full-fledged chef. Sorciere Restaurant was the first place for pianist Gretta to perform for mira. The waiter is called Bryce.


During Trails of Cold Steel, Baron Caroline, Theresia's father, is overheard expressing his concerns about his daughter to Baron Wodan. Merchant Baroc is in the restaurant for an appointment with Baron Fafner and Claris. Old Man Keaton and his wife Marle came to Bareahard from Heimdallr on vacation. After four years of dating, George has invited his girlfriend May out for dinner at Sorciere to propose to her, only to be interrupted by the Kreuzen Provincial Army. After the interruption, Owner Hammond decides to offer free dessert to everyone as compensation.


  • Sorcière is French for 'witch'.
  • The Sorciere Restaurant serves soup that was first made during the Middle Ages. Rumours have it that Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor himself greatly enjoyed the soup. Others rumours say that it was made by a court chef only after his death.
  • The Deluxe Herb Chowder dish the restaurant serves was created by Jusis Albarea' mother and Owner Hammond's sister.