Siegfried (蒼のジークフリート), or Azure Siegfried, is the alias of Crow Armbrust that appears in Sen no Kiseki III.


Siegfried is a masked young man, dressed in a body suit and coat, sporting silver hair and wielding twin guns. He strongly resembles the deceased Crow Armbrust. He is accompanied by a mysterious orb that provides him with instructions as it floats mid-air besides him, wielding technologies not associated with the known manufacturers.


Afterglow - Key Visual (Sen III)

Afterglow (Sen no Kiseki III Confidential Material Book ~Erebonian Empire 1206~, p.20)

Siegfried was first teased alongside Rean Schwarzer in the artwork "Afterglow", as briefly seen in the Tokyo Xanadu eX+ commercial.[1] It remained unclear whether the depicted youth with his back turned toward Rean was Crow Armbrust, repeating the Rean/Crow rivalry from Trails of Cold Steel II's artwork, or whether it was a reflection of Rean during Spirit Unification.

In March 2017, directory diving of Sen no Kiseki III's website revealed a leak of several still unannounced characters for the game.[2] Among them was a trio of characters referred to as "Those manoeuvering in secret". This group consisted of Siegfried, Black Alberich and Red Roselia. With Red Roselia alluding to the eponymous heroine of Red Moon Rose and Siegfried's written with the same Japanese characters as Crow's alias Chevalier, fans believed that Crow might be resurrected as Siegfried.

Twin Guns (Sen III)

Twin Guns (Sen no Kiseki III Confidential Material Book, p. 29)

In May 2017, Sen no Kiseki III Confidential Material Book ~Erebonian Empire 1206~ featured golden twin guns. The pattern on these twin guns matched the designs on Crow's twin guns as a Class VII member. Further analysis by fans[3] lead to the conclusion that the shape of the guns fit with the weapon held by the figure behind Rean in the artwork.

After teasing his reveal on August 7th,[4] Falcom finally revealed Siegfried on August 10th, exactly one year after he was first teased in the Tokyo Xanadu eX+ commercial.