Shirley Orlando (シャーリィ・オルランド), also known as the Orchessa Scarlatta ((あか)戦鬼(せんき)) and formerly known as Bloody Shirley (血染めのシャーリィ), is a battalion commander of the jaeger corps Red Constellation as well as Enforcer XVII of Ouroboros.


During the events of Ao no Kiseki, she, along with her father Sigmund Orlando, search for Randy Orlando as he is the chosen successor to lead Red Constellation.

Following the conclusion of the Azure-Zero Project, she and Mariabell Crois are brought to the Celestial Globe, where they formally become members of Ouroboros.

After the Erebonian Civil War, she infiltrates Erebonia per request of Anguis Mariabell Crois. There she operates alongside the other Stahlritter active in the region.


Ao no Kiseki
Shirley - Full-Length Sketch 1 (Ao)
Full-length sketch 1
Shirley - Full-Length Sketch 2 (Ao)
Full-length sketch 2
Shirley - Full-Length Sketch 3 (Ao)
Full-length sketch 3
Shirley - Tattoo Variations (Ao)
Tattoo variations
Shirley - SD Model (Ao)
SD model
Shirley - Weapon 3D Model (Ao)
Weapon (3D model)
Akatsuki no Kiseki
Devil Shirley Portrait (Akatsuki)
"Devil" Portrait
Shirley Orlando S-Craft (Akatsuki)


  • The name of Shirley's weapon, "Testa Rossa", is Italian for "Redhead".
  • Shirley's weapon shares its name with the Vermillion Divine Knight, "Testa-Rossa".

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