Shin (シン) is the grandson of Heiyue's elder.


In Ao no Kiseki, Shin visits Crossbell to learn about foreign cultures and societies in order to become a succesful successor to his grandfather.

Heiyue - Crossbell Branch manager Cao Lee files a request to show Shin around town. He immediately inquires whether Mayor Dieter Crois or performer Ilya Platiere is among the Special Support Section members. Although disappointed, when he learns their name he realises they were responsible for clearing the Cult Incident, of which he heard from his grandfather.

Then his eyes falls on Elie MacDowell and proclaims her the woman of his dreams, praising her pearl-grey hair and lovely proportions. Elie, Lloyd Bannings and a character of choice show Shin around Crossbell City, visiting the places he wished to visit.

He later returns to Calvard by train.