Sharon Kreuger (シャロン・クルーガー), also known as the Deathly Herald (告死線域(こくしせんいき)) or in its abbreviated form as Severing Chains (死線(しせん)) and , is the maid of the Reinford family and associated with Ouroboros as Enforcer No. IX. Sharon claims her duty as a maid is prioritised over her role as an Enforcer until the Erebonian Civil War ends.


Sharon was born under a different name in S.1181.

Order of the Moonlight Horse

At the age of 13, she was part of the assassination organisation Order of the Moonlight Horse, where she inherited the name 'Severing Chains' and was identified as 'Kreuger'. Around that time, continuation of the organisation became uncertain due to collisions with Ouroboros, an emerging force in that time.

Its powerful agents, such as McBurn, Leonhardt and Arianrhod, destroyed the Order of the Moonlight Horse, after which Sharon was adopted into Ouroboros as Enforcer No. IX - at the age of 16 in S.1197.


Despite the change in organisation, carrying out missions from the Anguis were hardly different from the work she had to do for the Order of the Moonlight Horse. The foremost difference was that she was now allowed to refuse missions, but she continued to accept them indifferently like she had always done.

In S.1196, she received a mission from F. Novartis, the sixth Anguis, to infiltrate the Reinford Group's headquarter in Roer and make contact with Franz Reinford. However, she failed her mission, suffering life-threatening injuries herself and killing the person she was supposed to meet up with. Her victim's wife, Irina Reinford, decided to help the girl. Since the Order changed aliases for each mission and she had ever only referred to herself as 'Kreuger' or 'Severing Chains', Irina decided on the name 'Sharon' for her. She was provided work as the maid of the Reinford family, which she accepted, making use of the freedom granted to Enforcers of Ouroboros.

Bracer Guild Attack

In S.1202, as preparation for the Gospel Plan in Liberl, she participated in the attack on the Erebonian branches of the Bracer Guild, along with the Jaeger Corps, Jester. It is during this time that she encountered and fought Sara Valestein.

Reinford Family Maid

Following her participation in the attack, she chose to temporarily step away from her duties as an enforcer, and instead focus on her responsibilities to the Reinford Family.


Name Description Effect Available Cost
Steel Wires (Sen Weapon) Shadow Strings Thin yet sturdy steel wires that are incredibly sharp. STR +600

RNG +3

Dec 9 3060 mira
Steel Wires (Sen Weapon) Mirage Lines Steel wires customized to be even thinner and sharper. STR +645

RNG +3
Crit +5%

Dec 9 Steel Wires (Sen Weapon)Shadow Strings

Key (Sen Item)U-Material

Steel Wires (Sen Weapon) Shadow Strings +1 Thin yet sturdy steel wires that are incredibly sharp. STR +1065

RNG +3
Crit +5%

Mar 13 -
Steel Wires (Sen Weapon) Arc en Ciel Steel wires that shine all of the colors of the rainbow. STR +1155

RNG +3
Crit +5%

Mar 13 12240 mira
Steel Wires (Sen Weapon) Mirage Lines Steel wires that scatter blue light. Made of a strange ore. STR +1245

RNG +3
Crit +10%

Mar 13 Key (Sen Item)Zemurian Ore


Name Effect Size Power Cost Level
Craft (Sen Skill) Binding Chains Seal (50%) - Delay +25 - Suction

Binds prey, then slashes it. Attacks twice.

Large C×2 30 CP -
Craft (Sen Skill) Shadow Stitch SPD -50% - MOV -100%

Charges through foes, binding and cutting them.

Large B×2 45 CP -
Craft (Sen Skill) Tea Time Cures status - HP +50% - CP +50

Delivers a cup of mid-battle tea to refresh body and mind.

All - 50 CP -
S Craft (Sen Skill) Death's Embrace KO (100%)

Binds foes, then beckons them to death.

All SSS 100+ CP -
S Craft (Sen Skill) True Death's Embrace KO (100%)

The true power of Sharon's deadliest technique.

All 4S 100+ CP 137

Combat orbment