Master Art card - Space (Ao)

The Master Art card of the space element as it appeared in Ao no Kiseki, representing the Aureole and its guardian, Ancient Dragon Ragnard.

Sept-Terrion (七の至宝(セプト・テリオン)), also known as Septillion in the localisation of the PSP version of Trails in the Sky FC, are said to be seven powerful treasures bestowed upon the ancient Zemurian civilisation by the Septian Goddess Aidios.


According to legends and scriptures of the Septian Church, Sept-Terrions were lost when the ancient civilisations fell during the Great Collapse.

One of the most important impetuses of the Kiseki series' overarching plot is Ouroboros' quest to locate and gather the Sept-Terrion.

List of Sept-Terrion

Illustration Element Name Location Guardian
Master Arts Earth (Ao)
Sept-Terrion of Fire
Fire The Blaze[1] Erebonia.

Goal of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

Sept-Terrion of Water
Sept-Terrion of Wind
Sept-Terrion of Time
Master Art card - Space (Ao)
Space Aureole Also known as the 'Shining Ring'.

Originally in Liberl, was sealed in another dimension along with the Liber Ark, obtained by Ouroboros.

Goal of the Gospel Plan.

Mirage Master Arts (Ao)
Mirage Demiourgos Also known as the 'Hollow Phantasm'.

Originally in Crossbell, destroyed itself. Re-created as the Sept-Terrion of Zero, which also destroyed itself. Knowledge on re-creation in the possession of Ouroboros.

Goal of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.


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  1. Vita Clotilde. Trails of Cold Steel II, Finale.

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