Scarlet (スカーレット), also known as S, is a member of the Imperial Liberation Front.



Scarlet grew up in one of the most pious families in mid-western Erebonia. Her parents ran a big farm, making them relatively wealthy farmers. Their workers adored her parents and in the neighbourhood they were even considered as local celebrities.

At a young age, she was invited to follow training under the Congregation for the Sacraments (Gralsritter) at the High Seat of the Septian Church in Arteria. What she lacked in natural talent, she made up for with diligence and ultimately became a squire. There she learnt how to wield a templar sword.

Imperial Liberation Front

Just before her first mission, however, she received a message her parents' land would be requisitioned for a national project with Chancellor Giliath Osborne's backing to build a railway through it. They were left a great fortune in terms of mira in order to find a new home elsewhere.

Her parents were unable to find a suitable place to establish a new farm and her father fell into despair, drowning his sorrows with alcohol and ultimately died in an accident. Scarlet returned from Arteria too late in order to stop her father. After his accident, the whole family drifted apart and she no longer knows her remaining relatives' whereabouts.

When she met Crow Armbrust and discovered he shared her disgust for Chancellor Osborne, they formed the Imperial Liberation Front.