Pillar of Salt

The Salt Pale as it appeared in Trails in the Sky The 3rd.

The Salt Pale ((しお)(くい)) is an unidentified object that appeared in and laid waste to the Principality of North Ambria in S.1178. The disaster itself is commonly referred to as the North Ambrian Disaster (ノーザンブリア異変(いへん)).



The object appeared on July 1, S.1178 at 17:45. Bishop Alexei of the Haliask Cathedral contacted the High Seat of the Septian Church in Arteria reporting an enormous, cloud-scraping pillar in one of the suburbs of Haliask. The High Seat immediately dispatched two Gralsritter, Dominion No. 8 Barkhorn and his squire, from a neighbouring nation.

The object borrowed its name from witness accounts, which described as a pillar because of its height, hundred of arge tall as if "capable scraping the clouds"[1]. The pillar was surrounded by a hurricane of salt.

The hurricane expanded at a steady rate and salifinified everything within reach, humans and buildings alike.


After the second day, an enormous evergreen forest was crystallised and destroyed by the salinification process. Bridges collapsed and the foremost highways were no longer usable. Its ruler sought refugee in a neighbouring nation whereas citizens were forced to flee south beyond the Graeve River, out of the hurricane's salinification winds.

Although neighbouring countries were not directly affected by the salinification winds, North Ambria suffered major losses. Three out of five governmental districts, the City of Haliask included, were destroyed. One third of the North Ambrian population and many tourists fell victim of the salinification winds.

Pillar of Salt (Report 1)

Investigation written by Bishop Georg Weissmann.


The salifinication process continued for three days in total. When the hurricane stopped, the Gralsritter in charge of the Pillar immediately started their investigation. They found the 2,5 arge tall remains of the original pillar, inscribed with peculiar encravings.

Since the object still contained its original power to salinify, the Gralsritter carefully removed the object using the Gleipnir from a distance. They transferred the object to Arteria where it has been stored in the innermost room of the cathedral.


In the meantime, the Septian Church immediately offered relief to the North Ambrian people and set about rebuilding the damaged chapels and healing both the physical and mental wounds of the population. Children who lost their parents during the disaster were taken into custody by the church and cared for in gospel facilities until adulthood.

The northern part of the affected area would be put under the control by the Septian Church and be designated a restricted area for unspecified reasons.



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