Sain-Arkh (セントアーク), also known as the Old Capital Saint-Arkh (白亜の旧都セントアーク), is the capital of Sutherland Province. The city is known for its historical beauty.


Saint-Arkh is the oldest city in Erebonia.

When Dark Dragon Zoro-Agruga occupied Heimdallr in S.371 and turned the city into a necropolis, Emperor Astorius II and other citizens moved the capital of Erebonia to Sainkt-Arkh. One century later, Emperor Hector I reclaimed the necropolis and had a new Heimdallr as capital of Erebonia built.

Saint-Arkh is rich in culture and therefore referred to as the City of Arts (芸術の都).


Noble Area - Sainkt Arkh (Sen III)

Noble District

Marquis Hyarms Mansion

Count Altheim Mansion

  • Count Altheim and his wife, Old Woman Elenore, are the parents of Mary Altheim.
  • Maid Alice
  • Visitors Aleister and Champale

Noble District - Home

  • Painter Charlies and his sister, Christa, student at St. Astraia, and her cat, Catherine
  • Maid Izzy


  • Sir Stanley, his wife and their son Timothy
  • Sir Cassette
Cathedral Square - Saint-Arkh (Sen III)

Cathedral Square

Saint-Arkh Cathedral

  • Archbishop Ramsden
  • Father Marco
  • Sister Rianne
  • Worshippers Old Man Rook and Felicia

Albion Garden

  • Aram (Boutique Chardin)
  • Rosmi (Luxury Foods Sterry Farm)
  • Kaestner (Weapon & Armor Springer)
  • Franciska (Used Book Ernool)
  • Noma

Hotel Augusta

  • Hotel Manager Ford
  • Kisela
  • Rooms: Sir Queens, his wife Helena, their daughter Luna, and their maid, Eclair.


  • Dyna (Fresh Juice stand)
  • Sir Sylvester and his wife, Old Woman Teola
  • Klaase, her daughter Etta and her newborn son Rico.
  • Albert (Nines coach)
  • Maid Cornelia
  • Sir Woodward
Residential Area - Saint-Arkh (Sen III)

Residential District

Until the Bracer Guild attacks in S.1202, there used to be a Bracer Guild branch situated in the residential district.

Café & Inn - April

  • Innkeeper Nash and waitress Carola
  • Customers Sanders (truck driver) and Polmac
  • Rooms: Old Man Ivan, his granddaughter Kimi and their (lost) cat, Felix

Orbal Factory - Chambers

  • Chambers and his son, Coyle.

Exchange & Antique - Demeter

  • Livre

Apartments - Luna Crest

  • Apartment: Old Woman Sonya and her granddaughter, Ran, whose parents work abroad.
  • Apartment: Elma, who works as a maid for Sir Stanley in the Noble Distriact, and her younger brother, Ricky
  • Pacer


  • Mishella
  • Traf