Ruan Economics (ルーアン経済史, ruuan keizaishi) is a trilogy of books found in Trails in the Sky FC. The books are located in the Material Archives at Jenis Royal Academy in Ruan.

Ruan Economic History, Volume 1

Table of Contents

1. Ruan Economics Prior to the Orbal Revolution

  • Urban Transfiguration Due to Developments in Nautical Technology  
  • Developments in Industry and the Rise of the Working Class

2. Abolishment of the Aristocracy and Regional Economics

  • Collapse of the Oligopolistic System


Economic history is a field of scholarship which looks back historically on economic activity, one of a number of actions carried out by people, and weighs its evolution in relation to the future.

In fact, it would hardly be an overstatement to say that the state of the world following the Orbal Revolution was led by a series of economic dynamics. Dramatic progress in transit technology and improved productivity gave rise to a continental-scale flow of goods and people, which in turn resulted in a more explicit structure of interests making an appearance within governments among neighboring nations.

This book aims to trace history sequentially from prior to the Orbal Revolution, and while setting Ruan apart from the rest of Liberl Kingdom, proceed to analyze the developments of regional economics.

Ruan Economic History, Volume 2

Table of Contents

Preface: The World After the Orbal Revolution

3. Ruan and the Orbal Revolutio

  • Advent of the Airship and the Maritime Industry

4. The Hundred Days War and the Empire

  • The State of Commodity Distribution Before and After the War
  • Disparity, and the Shifting Empire


The benefits in connection with the Orbal Revolution wrought mighty change in both production and transportation; the foundational elements of economic activity.

The introduction of orbal technology to the manual industry increased production without leading to a consolidation of the workforce and allowed outdated worker unions to commercialize and thereby erect a framework which supplied the market with a stable flow of diverse goods.

On the downside, the progress of transit technology, beginning with the emergence of airships, internationalized economic competition in one fell swoop and created a situation which prompted a fierce utilitarian rivalry among nations. Economic rivalries such as these can be found skulking in the milieu of nearly all erupting strife in this present age, regardless of boundaries.

Ruan Economic History, Volume 3

Table of Contents

Preface: The Hundred Days War and Ruan

5. Ruan Economics After the War

  • The Appearance of New Entrepreneurs
  • Contrasting Tourism Resource Development Policy

6. Challenges for the New Generation

  • Internationalization of Airship Routes and Ruan


Though being in the midst of great advances with regards to transit technology following the Orbal Revolution, Ruan's economic epicenter remained as before, centered on the import and export of goods through its seaport, with the Erebonian Empire occupying a significant position as a strategic partner in trade.

Consequently, at the conclusion of the Hundred Days War, cooling relations with the Empire meant serious repercussions for this seaport city. This situation forced merchants to tread new ground and, as a result, pioneered enterprise which created domestic demand and developed tourism resources.

At present, though these measures and policies have finally begun to bear fruit, there still remain a number of issues which have yet to be resolved.

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