Ries Argent (リース・アルジェント), sometimes written as Rieß Argent, is a squire of the Gralsritter of the Septian Church. She has been friends with Kevin Graham since childhood and she is the younger sister of Rufina Argent.


Ries is calm and does things in her own way. She has an obsessive interest in food.

In S.1198, Ries lost her sister Rufina Argent when a jaeger corps attacked the Aster House orphanage both sisters helped out in. After the death of her sister, Ries followed her childhood friend Kevin Graham in pursuing a career among the Gralsritter. She was trained by Ein Selnate and has been serving as the assistant of Kevin since just before the Phantasma incident.


Ries's weapon of choice is a templar sword. She can make use of the following weapons:


Combat Orbment


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