A remote ability is a supportive effect provided by the Recluse Cube in Trails in the Sky The 3rd. Each playable character provides a different two or three effects when chosen as the reserve member of the party via the Recluse Cube's interface. The reserve member stays in the Hermit's Garden, and the effect applies during battle. It can be seen in the top right during battle.

List of remote abilities

Character Effect 1 Effect 2 Negative Effect
Kevin Graham CP Regen (Sora Status)ADF Up (Sora Status) Recover 2% CP ADF+30%
Ries Argent EXP Up (Sora Status)Sepith Up (Sora Status) EXP+10% Sepith Drop+20%
Estelle Bright HP Regen (Sora Status)STR Up (Sora Status)ADF Down (Sora Status) Recover 3% HP STR+2% ADF-25%
Joshua Bright SPD Up (Sora Status)AGL Up (Sora Status)ADF Down (Sora Status) SPD+3% AGL+10% ADF-25%
Scherazard Harvey Item Up (Sora Status)EP Regen (Sora Status)SPD Down (Sora Status) Item Drop+10% Recover 2% EP SPD-5%
Olivier Lenheim ATS Up (Sora Status)ADF Up (Sora Status)DEF Down (Sora Status) ATS+5% ADF+50% DEF-5%
Agate Crosner STR Up (Sora Status)DEX Up (Sora Status)AGL Down (Sora Status) STR+5% DEX+20% AGL-10%
Klaudia von Auslese HP Regen (Sora Status)CP Regen (Sora Status)DEF Down (Sora Status) Recover 5% HP Recover 2% CP DEF-5%
Tita Russell DEX Up (Sora Status)AGL Up (Sora Status)SPD Down (Sora Status) DEX+15% AGL+10% SPD-5%
Zin Vathek HP Regen (Sora Status)DEF Up (Sora Status)ADF Down (Sora Status) Recover 4% HP DEF+3% ADF-25%
Anelace Elfead SPD Up (Sora Status)MOV Up (Sora Status)ADF Down (Sora Status) SPD+2% MOV+1 ADF-25%
Josette Capua Item Up (Sora Status)Sepith Up (Sora Status)DEF Down (Sora Status) Item Drop+20% Sepith Drop+30% DEF-5%
Julia Schwarz DEF Up (Sora Status)ADF Up (Sora Status)ATS Down (Sora Status) DEF+2% ADF+20% ATS-5%
Mueller Vander SPD Up (Sora Status)DEF Up (Sora Status)AGL Down (Sora Status) SPD+5% DEF+5% AGL-10%
Alan Richard CP Regen (Sora Status)MOV Up (Sora Status)ADF Down (Sora Status) Recover 2% CP MOV+1 ADF-25%
Renne EXP Up (Sora Status)Sepith Up (Sora Status)DEF Down (Sora Status) EXP+15% Sepith Drop+20% DEF-5%

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