The Principality of Remiferia (レミフェリア公国こうこく) is a monarchical feudatory located in north Zemuria. It is bordered to the west by Erebonia and to the east by Calvard. Its emblem is a reindeer.

Despite its harsh and cold climate, a result of its geographical position in the continent's north, Remiferia continues to attract tourists with its picturesque landscape of forests and lakes.

As the home of the Seiland Company, the worldwide renowned producer of medical equipment, Remiferia is the most advanced nation of Zemuria in terms of medical treatment.


In S.1199, current monarch Prince Albert was enthroned.

In August of S1204, Prince Albert represented Remiferia at the West Zemuria Trade Conference in Crossbell.


Under decree of the Princely Family it has been forbidden to develop medical technologies for the purpose of warfare in Remiferia. The decree was introduced centuries ago and is still uphold by the current monarch, Prince Albert.

This enactment has led to geopolitical stability in the Principality. This law, alongside the lack of natural resources such as septium and its poor infrastructure for international trade, makes Remiferia an unappealing territory for the expansionism of Erebonia. For that reason, the military presence within Remiferia is relatively understated.

Over the years, several factions have been established that do want to put Remiferia's medical technology to use for military purposes or to make illegal profits from these, such as the D∴G Cult or Nidhoggr jaeger corps.



  • City of Ardent (公都アーデント, kouto aadento): Ardent is the capital city of Remiferia. It's a historical city located in the north of the principality.


  • Forest of Lush Elegance (緑雅の森, ryokuga no mori): The reflecting light on the lake of this lush, vibrant forest invites fascinated visitors into this labyrinth of nature.
  • Azure Moss Ruins (碧苔遺跡, aokoke iseki): The brick walls of this underground ruin is covered in moss, which manages to grow thanks to the abundance of groundwater and light seeping in from the surface.
  • Underground Ruins of Lost Time (忘却の地下遺跡, boukyaku no chika-iseki): Long lost ruins recently discovered by archaeologists. Ancient treasures slumber within.
  • Sigyn Forest (シギュンの森, shigyun no mori): A dense forest in the uninhabited back regions of Remiferia. Known since ancient times as the "forest that shall not be visited", the fear among locals led to numerous legends and traditions surrounding the place.
  • Smouldering Ruins (溶岩遺跡, yougan iseki): Ancient Remiferian ruins filled with lava from within that occasionally cools down.