Below is a theoretical ranking of characters in the Kiseki universe by strength. The characters are separated in tiers. Characters within the same tier can be regarded as equals that, on equal footing and in theory, would lose to characters in a higher tier, end in a draw against characters from the same tier and triumph over characters in a lower tier.


Tier Character Conditions Remarks
S∞ Azure Demiourgos
S4 Arianrhod[1]

Ein Selnate[1]


Georg Weissmann



Demon Form

Angel Form

Anguis VII, "The Steel Maiden"

First Dominion, "Carnelia"

Enforcer I, "The Blazing Demon"

Former Anguis III, "The Faceless"

S3 Cassius Bright[2][3][4]

Baldur Orlando[5]

Rutger Claussell[6]

Using Sword



Divine Blade

Fmr. Leader of Red Constellation, "War God"

Fmr. Leader of Zephyr, "Jaeger King"

SS Leonhardt[3][7]

Arios MacLaine[3][4][8]

Sigmund Orlando[8]

Victor S. Arseid[4]

Former Enforcer II, "The Bladelord"

"Divine Blade of Wind"

Leader of Red Constellation, "Orco Rosso"

"Radiant Blademaster"

S Cassius Bright[2][4] Using Staff Divine Blade
A+ Kevin Graham

Rufina Argent

Mariabell Crois

Fifth Dominion, "Thousand Arms Guardian"

Fmr. Knight of First Dominion, "Thousand Arms"

Anguis III

A Walter[9]

Kilika Rouran

Shirley Orlando

Rixia Mao[9]

Zin Vathek



Renne Hayworth

Wazy Hemisphere




Sharon Kreuger

Rufus Albarea

Enforcer VIII, "The Direwolf"

Aide of President Rocksmith

Enforcer XVII, "Orchessa Scarlatta"


A Rank Bracer

Enforcer X, "The Phantom Thief"

Enforcer VI, "The Bewitching Bells"

Fmr. Enforcer XV, "The Angel of Slaughter"

Ninth Dominion, "Blue Testament"

Head Knight of Stahlritter, "The Swift"

Member of Zephyr

Member of Zephyr

Enforcer IX, "The Severing Chains"

Primary Ironblood, "Jade Rook"

A- Garcia Rossi

Campanella [?]

Kurt Nardin

Alex Dudley

Maximillian Cid

Phillipp Reinard

Mueller Vander

General Morgan

Joshua Bright

Randy Orlando

Alan Richard

Rean Schwarzer

Crow Armbrust



Sara Valestein

Claire Rieveldt







In Ogre Mode

Ex-Zephyr Member

Enforcer 0, "The Fool"

A Rank Bracer

CPD Investigator

Commander of Leiston Fortress


Major of Erebonian Army

Liberlan General

Former Enforcer XIII, B Rank Bracer

Former Red Constellation Member, S.S.S.

Fmr. Liberlan Colonel

"Ashen Awakener"

"Azure Awakener"

Major of Erebonian Army

Fmr. Member of ILF

A Rank Bracer, "Purple Lightning"

Ironblood, "Icy Maiden"

B+ Agate Crosner

Scherazard Harvey

Julia Schwarz

Ries Argent


Toval Randonneur

Olivert Reise Arnor

B Estelle Bright

Anelace Elfead

Kanone Amalthea



Noel Seeker


Lloyd Bannings

Laura S. Arseid

Fie Claussell

Rean Schwarzer

Angelica Rogner

B- Klaudia von Auslese

Gaius Worzel

Jusis Albarea

Emma Millstein

Patrick T. Hyarms

C+ Elie MacDowell

Tio Plato

Alisa Reinford

Machias Regnitz

Elliot Craig

Towa Herschel

C Kyle Capua

Don Capua




C- Gilbert Stein

Josette Capua

Elise Schwarzer

D+ Tita Russell

Alfin Reise Arnor


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