Randolph Orlando (ランドルフ・オルランド), also known as Randy Orlando (ランディ・オルランド) and also known as the Red Reaper ((あか)死神(しにがみ)) and Son of the War God (闘神(とうしん)息子(もすこ)), is an instructor at Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves and member of Crossbell Police Department's Special Support Section. Before that, he was stationed as a guard at the Bellguard Gate for the Crossbell Guardian Force. Randolph holds the rank of first lieutenant.


Red Constellation

Randy Orlando Jaeger (Ao)

Randy during his time as a jeager at Red Constellation.

Randolph was born in S.1183, place unknown.

Raised from childhood as a part of the Red Constellation jaeger corps, he had a knife handed to him at the age of 4 and learned firearm marksmanship from the age of 6 onward.

At the age of 9, Randolph made his debut at the battlefield by serving as the scout of his father's squad. During said mission he ended up killing two opposing soldiers. At the age of 12 Randolph became the designated head of a jaeger platoon and two years later promoted into commanding a jaeger company.

Starting anew

Due to a traumatic realization of the bloodshed he was causing, Randolph fled from the Red Constellation and the world of jaegers and enlisted in the Crossbell Guardian Force by appealing to Sonya Baelz. In S.1204, at the age of 21, he was asked by Sonya to join the newly established Special Support Section.


Following the Imperial annexation of Crossbell in S.1205, Randy returned to his former post at the Crossbell Guardian Force to prepare a resistance force until someone advised to him to go to Erebonia instead. Upon arriving in Erebonia, he starts serving as the Instructor of Class VIII at Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves in Erebonia. Randolph acts relatively freely with his position and duties.

He discovers that fellow instructor Rean Schwarzer fought his former S.S.S colleague Lloyd Bannings, which is a topic he brings up to him. As the instructor for battle tactics, Randolph tries to overcome the difficulties in his relationship with student Ash Carbide through practice battles.


Randolph is the cool older brother of the group. He tends to be laid-back and acts like a flirt, however, he hides a sad past behind him.

As a result of trauma sustained from realization of the bloodshed that he caused, he doesn't approve of the Red Constellation's ways and has a rocky relationship with his cousin and uncle.

He loves liquor.


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