Plie (プリエ), also known as the Mysterious Songstress (神秘(しんぴ)歌姫(うたひめ)), is a seasoned actress with the Arc en Ciel troupe.


As an artist, Plie is best known for her performance during fantasias, a loosely composed instrumental composition. Together with Ilya Platiere she has been the figurehead of the Arc en Ciel troupe for years.

Sweet tooth

Plie considers sweets are the driving force behind her practice. The new rule that it is no longer allowed to eat in the dressing rooms of the theatre bothers Plie to the extent she starts to hide pastries. Her make-up artist Karelia confiscated her snacks multiple times and, together with Theodor, she lectures Plie to stop eating once her make-up is applied.

Like Ilya, Plie is also regular customer of Sofille's Ice Cream Stand.