Owner Hammond (ハモンド・オーナー), also known as the Sauce Magician (ソースの魔術師(まじゅつし)), is the owner and head chef of the Sorciere Restaurant in Bareahard.

During the quest The Bite of Nostalgia it is revealed that Hammond is actually the brother of Jusis Albarea's mother, making him Jusis' uncle.


Hammond is a kind of respected man. He offered Gretta a job as pianist at the second floor of the Sorciere Restaurant, making it her first paid job as a pianist. After the interruption of the Kreuzen Provincial Army in Trails of Cold Steel, he offer free dessert to everyone as compensation for the interruption.

As a supervisor Hammond is rather strict. He's been supervising his apprentice Calmin since S.1199 and finally promotes him to chef at the beginning of Trails of Cold Steel II.

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