Ouroboros (身喰(みく)らう(へび)), also known as The Society (結社(けっしゃ)), is a mysterious organisation that operates from the shadows.


With its access to powerful, talented agents and the latest technological advances, it is (in)directly involved of many incidents that occur in Zemuria. Their ideals often clash with those of other parties, such as long-time rival the Septian Church and more recently the Bracer Guild.


It is unknown when Ouroboros was founded. Earliest reports of their involvement date back to S.1192, prior to the Hundred Days War, but it is generally assumed that the organisation has been around for much longer.

In S.1203, Ouroboros successfully completed the Gospel Project and collected the Sept-Terrion of Space, the Aureole. At present, the organisation is executing the Phantasmal Blaze Plan spread across Erebonia and Crossbell.

They have succeeded in obtaining knowledge on how to re-create the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, Demiourgos, and their initial attempt to collect the presumably Sept-Terrion of Fire was thwarted by Giliath Osborne, who hijacked the plans from Ouroboros.

In S.1206, Ouroboros returned to Erebonia to retrieve their Phantasmal Blaze Plan.


The goal of Ouroboros is to collect the Sept-Terrion. To what end they collect these is not known. The plan to achieve this is referred to as the Orpheus Final Plan.


Main articles: Anguis and Enforcers

Ouroboros is led by the infallible Grandmaster, loyally supported by the seven Anguis. All seven seats of the Anguis are occupied; if one seat does happen to open up, the Grandmaster is responsible for inviting someone to take this seat.

Anguis I
Anguis II
Anguis III
Anguis IV
Anguis V
Anguis VI
Anguis VII
Thirteen Factories
Enhancer Jaegers

The plans drafted by the Grandmaster and overseen by the Anguis are executed by the powerful agents known as Enforcers. The first Enforcer, Campanella, is the only Enforcer known to report back directly to the Grandmaster. Some Anguis, such as the Seventh, also have a private army at their disposal.

 Relation with the Septian Church

Like Ouroboros, the Congregation of the Sacrements of the Septian Church, in particular the Gralsritter, also seeks artifacts. There are, however, some differences in their approaches to artifacts.

The Septian Church has dedicated its chivalric order to retrieve 'live' artifacts to subsequently seal them away in Primal Grounds underneath buildings of the Church. Ouroboros, however, collects the Sept-Terrion for a greater purpose aimed to guide "the souls of all"[2] and hand them to people to help them, such as the Fool's Locket to Hermann Conrad[3] or the equipment required for the stage at Arc en Ciel.[4]


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