Ordis (オルディス), also known as Ordis, the Port City (紺碧(こんぺき)海都(かいと)オルディス), is the provincial capital of the Lamarre Province, Erebonia. Ordis is the home of the Cayenne duchy. With a population mounting to 400.000 people, it is the second largest city in Erebonia.

Ordis is a popular destination among tourists for its Summer Festival with breathtaking sights of hundreds of bonfires afloat on the bay.


In S.1201, Vita Clotilde guided Crow Armbrust to the place below Ordis where Ordine, the Azure Knight rested. Crow underwent the trial and became its contracted Awakener.

After the end of the Erebonian Civil War, a splinter group of Noble Alliance forces continued to enforce its rule. Many have taken this as a sign that they may bring that situation there to an end.


Ordis - Central Square

  • Kleist Mall
  • Ortensia
  • Miranda

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