Ordis (オルディス), also known as Ordis, the Port City (紺碧(こんぺき)海都(かいと)オルディス), is the provincial capital of the Lamarre Province, Erebonia. Ordis is the home of the Cayenne duchy. With a population mounting to 400.000 people, it is the second largest city in Erebonia.

Ordis is a popular destination among tourists for its Summer Festival with breathtaking sights of hundreds of bonfires afloat on the bay.


Ordis has been a prosperous city since antiquity.[1] For that reason, it was a frequent target of pirates throughout the Middle Ages.[1] In response, Ordis established a navy called the Order of the Seas[2] in the Juno Naval Fortress, which led to large-scale naval battles.[1]

In S.1201, Vita Clotilde guided Crow Armbrust to the place below Ordis where Ordine, the Azure Knight rested. Crow underwent the trial and became its contracted Awakener.

After the end of the Erebonian Civil War, a splinter group of Noble Alliance forces continued to enforce its rule. Many have taken this as a sign that they may bring that situation there to an end.


Ordis - Introduction (Sen III)

Business District

Kleist Mall

  • Branch Manager Wads
  • Amy (Manista's Bookstore)
  • Hack (Import Foods "Kendall")
  • Hubert (RF Store)
  • Herman (security)
  • Customers: Bilgen; Nees

Riviera Court

  • Hereford (Drugstore Hereford)
  • Citrine (Luxury Boutique Rubens)
  • Capo (Luciole's Shop)
  • Pamela

Hotel Ortensia

  • Hotel Manager Warburg
  • Receptionist Harald
  • Sheena
  • Customer: Sir Wagner and his wife, Lady Lally; Count Carlyle


  • Old Lady Aurousseau
  • Sir Wilson
  • Drusilla
  • Charlotte was supposed to come to Ordis with her father, but ended up coming alone.
Ordis - Noble District (Sen III)

Noble District

Florald Mansion

Ordis Cathedral

  • Archbishop Bramfeldt
  • Father Raymond
  • Father Robbins
  • Sister Sienna
  • Worshippers: Marquis Reagan & Count Richmond

Noble District - Mansion

  • Sir Carlton, Lady Ramona and their daughter, Lilou-Belle
  • Butler Oliver


  • Sir Beckford
  • Lady Siebel
  • Heathcliff, waiting for his beloved Mercedes
Ordis - Harbour District (Sen III)

Harbour District

Sailors Tavern - Miranda

  • Miranda (owner)
  • Waiter: Rotti
  • Customers: Locker, Solaris and their son, Din; Sailors Durbin and Basani


  • Clerks Makniger and Eston
  • Chief Blair
  • Dawkins
  • Yuta
Ordis - North Street (Sen III)

North Street

Egret Mansion

Inn - Sea Breeze

  • Staff: Edmond (owner), Betty (daughter/waiter), Marina (waiter)
  • Customers: Blanca (friend of Betty), Old Man Rossel

Orbal Factory - Strauss

  • Strauss (owner)
  • Luther (clerk)

Flower Shop - Glycine

  • Glycine (owner) and Monica (daughter)

Ordis - House

  • Vier (mother)
  • Sailor Angelo (son)
  • Luca (son)


  • Bartolo (Empire Meat stand)
  • Tonio


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