The Noble Alliance (貴族連合, kizoku rengou) was a faction of Erebonia led by Duke Cayenne which sought to uphold the status quo in Erebonian politics and Society. The Noble Alliance was dissolved following the betrayal of Chief of Staff Rufus Albarea and the arrest of Duke Cayenne.

List of Noble Alliance Members

Name Rank Status
Duke Cayenne Leader Arrested
Duke Albarea Sub-Leader Arrested
Marquis Rogner

Marquis Hyarms

Sub-Leader Withdrawn
Rufus Albarea Chief of Staff Defected
Aurelia Le Guin

Wallace Bardias

General Unknown
Altina Orion Associate Defected



Vita Clotilde

Associate Returned to


Crow Armbrust Associate Deceased
Scarlet Associate Arrested
Vulcan Associate Deceased


Associate Withdrawn

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