Neithardt (ナイトハル), also known as Neidthardt the Mighty (剛撃(ごうげき)のナイトハルト), is major at the 4th Armored Division of the Imperial Army of Erebonia and a former Instructor at the Thors Military Academy.


Neithardt originally served the Imperial Army under supervision of Colonel Beatrix.

As an excellent soldier, Neithardt reached the rank of Major at a young age. He is considered the ace of the 4th Armored Division, which is praised for its prowess under commander Lieutenant General Olaf Craig.

Neithardt is on good terms with Major Mueller Vander, with whom he once served in the same batallion.

During the Erebonian Civil War, Neithardt was mostly active in the west of Erebonia alongside Olivert Reise Arnor and the 7th Armored Divison.