The Monster Guide (魔獣手帳(まじゅうてちょう)), introduced in the Trails in the Sky trilogy games when they were ported to PSP and present in all games since, is an item that records and lists all of the statistics and details of enemies encountered.

In the Trails in the Sky trilogy games, an entry is partially filled out by encountering them, but fully filled out if you encounter them with an Mirage (Sora Quartz) Information quartz (or equivalent) equipped.

In Zero no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, Trails of Cold Steel, and Akatsuki no Kiseki, this is changed so that you must explicitly cast an "Analyze" Craft or Orbal Art for the entry to be filled out in your Monster Guide. However, attacking enemies allows for portions of the Monster Guide entry to be filled out, eventually leading to a complete entry.

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