Mishy (みっしぃ, Misshi) is a grey and white cat and the mascot of Nihon Falcom. Mishy was introduced in the series as the mascot character of Mishelam Wonderland in Zero and Ao no Kiseki. Mishy has also cameoed as a real cat in a number of Falcom games since such as their Ys series and Nayuta no Kiseki and is referenced in Tokyo Xanadu.

Gacha Material

In Akatsuki no Kiseki, Mishy is found in a number of colour-coded varieties and is used as material for the growth of your characters in the Training or Awakening menus. They each have different effects and there is a set mira fee for using each of them.

Name Usage
Bronze Mishy (Akatsuki) Bronze
These Mishy are used for leveling your characters in the Training menu. Each of these are ranked between 1 and 3 stars and give increasingly larger amounts of EXP to your characters.
Silver Mishy (Akatsuki) Silver
Gold Mishy (Akatsuki) Gold
Green Mishy (Akatsuki) Green
These Mishy are used as material for Awakening characters. They have the same function as regular characters in Awakening, and can be between 1 and 5 stars. They have no special effects, but are generally easier to find with higher star rankings.
Rainbow Mishy (Akatsuki) Rainbow
These Mishy are used as material for Awakening characters. They boost the success rate of Awakening to 100% when used. It's best to use a single Rainbow Mishy when Awakening characters who are at least 4 star.
Guren Mishy (Akatsuki) Crimson
These are rare Mishy that when used in Training raise the level a random unlocked craft, including Command Crafts.
Kurogane Mishy (Akatsuki) Iron
These are rare Mishy that are used in Ultimate Awakening to boost the level cap of a 6 star character up to a maximum of level 40. As duplicate 6 star characters can also be used for this, it is best to save these for limited characters (such as Duvalie) or premium gatcha characters (such as Renne).
Aqua Mishy (Akatsuki) Aqua
These are rare Mishy that are used in Training for 6 star characters only. On first use, they will unlock the Command Craft of the character (if they have one). On subsequent uses they have a 1 in 3 chance of raising the level of a random unlocked craft.
Violet Mishy (Akatsuki) Violet
Sakura Mishy (Akatsuki) Sakura