Millium Orion (ミリアム・オライオン), also known under her aliases the White Rabbit (白兎(ホワイトラビット)) and the Silver Puppeteer (銀色の傀儡使い), is a former member of Class VII, a member of the Ironblood and works as a spy for the Imperial Army's Intelligence Division. She operates the puppet Airgetlam (アガートラム), whom she nicknames "Lammy". She and Altina Orion are sisters.


Millium - Ending (CS2)

The 'creation' of Millium Orion as depicted in the first ending of Trails of Cold Steel II.

Millium is an artificially created human, a homunculus, that was created in the Black Workshop along with her sister Altina Orion. She was adjusted to link with Airgetlam, a combat shell. Millium gained consciousness in S.1199 when she woke up in the care of Giliath Osborne, Lechter Arundel and Claire Rieveldt. She then joined the group known as the Ironbloods.

As a member of the Intelligence Division, Millium is introduced after invading the Aurochs Fort east of Bareahard, Erebonia.


Millium is a cheerful little girl that is usually a ball of boundless energy wherever she goes. She is a bit ditzy and can have no common sense regarding when to summon "Lammy" in public, but she gets better with time.

Millium loves Claire who treats her like a younger sister and considers the Ironbloods more or less like family. This can be said about her relations to Class VII as well, as when the time for all of them to part with each other came she broke down crying.

Millium also has a habit of realizing things too late. She can however have morbid thoughts to situations as demonstrated when she suggested to Rean that a cookie that she made could have easily been poisoned and could have killed him. She can also express fear as seen in Lohengrin Castle and panics in situations where she's restricted and unable to call on Airgetlam.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Millium Orion
Millium Orion Note (Sen) Year 1 Class VII Cooking Club
Part of the Imperial Army's Intelligence Division. Generally carefree, but does act like an agent at times.
Hates Ghosts

She is terrified of ghosts and other supernatural entities.

Fun Times

She has adjusted quickly to academy life and seems to be enjoying it greatly. She has even joined a club already.

Her Missions

Millium was sent to the academy to investigate two things -- the old schoolhouse, and C.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Millium Orion

Millium Orion Note (Sen II)

Year 1 Class VII Cooking Club
An Intelligence Division Agent and one of Chancellor Osborne's Ironbloods. Has a combat shell called Airgetlam.

She says she has siblings, but not parents. That seems...odd.


She doesn't seem to understand very well what it means to be sad, and says she has never once cried.

Black & White

It turns out that Millium and Altina are 'sisters' in a sense of the word, but how they are related remains a mystery.

Sen no Kiseki III

Millium Orion Note (Sen III)



  • Millium's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel is titled "The Young and the Reckless".
  • Millium's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel II is titled "One in a Millium".
  • Orion is the name of a constellation visible throughout the world, named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.