Miles Neues (マイルズ・ノイエス) is a librarian at the Crossbell Public Library and the father of Cecile Neues. He lives with his wife Leyte in Apartment - Bell Heim in The West Street, Crossbell City.


It is only natural that Miles' inexhaustible love for books had him sign up for a job as librarian at the Crossbell Public Library. Books help him relax, he says. He is devoted to the preservation of old books in particular. His dream as a librarian is to have the underground room stocked with still unsorted reference materials opened for the public one day.

Neither Miles nor his wife Leyte interfered with their daughter Cecile's career choices, even though it surprises him that she ended up becoming a nurse. In hindsight, however, he realises that she requested to visit St. Ursula Medical College quite regularly.