Mayor Klaus (クラウス市長) is the mayor of the City of Rolent in the Rolent region, Liberl.


Klaus was elected as mayor by the inhabitants of the City of Rolent. He lives with his wife, Mylene, his son, Ratio and his maid, Lita.

His hobbies are gardening and weeding around Rolent's Clocktower.

Character History (In the Games)

Trails in the Sky FC

In the first chapter of Trails in the Sky FC, Mayor Klaus' house is broken into by the Capua Family who steal a large piece a sepith ore that was meant to be given as a birthday present for the Queen's Birthday Celebration. However, Estelle and Joshua are able to retrieve. Mayor Klaus then sends the Sepith to be refined and engraved.

Mayor Klaus is then next seen in the last chapter of FC, when he meets Estelle and Joshua after entering the Grand Arena. He then reveals to the pair that he was also invited to Duke Dunan's royal dinner party by Kanone Amalthea of the Intelligence Division.

He is then later seen in his room at the palace, chatting with Dean Collins. At the dinner party, Klaus is shocked by Alan and Dunan's announcement that Queen Alicia will be abdicating her throne to her nephew, Dunan and of their intentions to find a marriage partner for Princess Klaudia.

Trails in the Sky SC

Prologue: A Maiden's Resolve

Mayor Klaus is first mentioned in the prologue of SC by his maid Lita. Lita tells Estelle that Klaus and his wife are still in Grancel and that they are touring the capital.