Mainz, the Mining Village (鉱山町(鉱山町マインツ)マインツ) is a mining town in north Crossbell.


Most of the mining and rich septium resources Crossbell was originally known for came from Mainz. The main mine in the Mainz area that was used during this historical period in Crossbell is now referred to as the Old Mine.

Though the Old Mine was closed up, a new mine took its place with an entrance directly inside Mainz itself.

Despite Mainz's history of being an important resource for Crossbell, recent changes in Crossbell's business priorities has caused international attention to shift to trade and financing economics instead. This has led to a decline in Mainz's importance regarding Crossbell's national income.

Because Crossbell itself no longer invests in the mining industry, foreign nations now buy their septium directly from Mainz.


Mayor's House

  • Mayor Bickson and Anna (wife)

Der Ziegel Inn

  • Noma (owner)
  • Lycka (waitress)
  • Felicia (daughter of a successful Erebonian merchant) and Letina (maid)

Backerei Goods

  • Backerei (owner) and Kimmy (daughter)

Mainz - House 1

  • Chief Miner Hoffmann (father) and Miranda (wife)
  • Alex (son)

Mainz - House 2

  • Old Lady Birma (mother)
  • Miner Rosie (son)
  • Amy (granddaughter)

Mainz - House 3

  • Minder Max and Lurieda (wife)


  • Miner Gantz
  • Miner Marco
  • Carlos


  • Mainz is also a town in Germany (popular for it's carnival, it's not a mining town there). Coincidentally, the word "meins" - which is pronounced the same as Mainz - means "mine" (possessive).
  • Backerei is the German word for "bakery" (It is actually written "Bäckerei", but Backerei is most likely referring to that German word)
  • "Der Ziegel" is also German and means "the brick"

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