Lucy Seiland (ルーシー・セイランド) works as a secretary in Remiferia.


Lucy was born in Remiferia. Growing up, she was a close friend of Lif.

Exchange student

She enrolled at the prestigious Jenis Royal Academy in Liberl, where she volunteered as the vice president of the Student Council. Admired by classmates and juniors alike for her beauty, Lucy can get rather aggressive when it came to Student Council president Lechter Arundel avoiding meetings and his responsibilities.

When Lechter submitted his notice to leave the academy without saying a word to the rest of the Student Council, Lucy smiled bitterly and said 'This is just like him' with tears in her eyes.

Seiland Company

After graduating she moved back to Remiferia where she started working as a researcher at he her family's company, Seiland Company. There she actually ran into Lechter once again during one of his business trips to the principality.

In Akatsuki no Kiseki Lucy informs Chloe Barnett and Nacht Weiss about a series of bio-terrorist attacks that plagued Remiferia five years prior.