Lucius Reise Arnor (ルキウス皇子), son of Emperor Valius Reise Arnor V, was the sixth prince of Erebonia during the 10th Century of the Septian Calendar.


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In S.947, Lucius was plunged into a war with the other sons of Valius Reise Arnor V over his succession.

As the sixth and the youngest of the feuding brothers, Lucius acquired the famed champion, the Palatinate Knight. With its power he was able to defeat the army of Prince Albert. Victorious and backed by the knight's power, Prince Lucius was poised to challenge Orthros.

In S.952, Prince Dreichels managed to persuade Lucius to side with him and Lianne Sandlot. When the Vermillion Apocalypse, however, emerged in Heimdallr alongside the Infernal Castle, the Palatinate Knight and its Awakener, Lucius, were decimated alongside the armies of both Prince Albert and Prince Gunnar were completely annihilated.

The remaining forces of Lucius' army sided with Dreichels and emerge victorious.