The Lost Arts (ロストアーツ, rosuto aatsu) are a set of spells cast through particular quartz created during the Dark Ages that consist of multiple septium gemstones. Their enormous power combines the power of three different elements together. Thanks to similarities in orbal wavelengths, the Lost Arts can be cast inserting the corresponding quartz in the ARCUS. It can only be inserted in a element-locked slot that corresponds with one of the three elements of the quartz.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, Lost Arts can be found in the second half of the game by defeating Cryptids. Each Art can be used only once per battle and will consume 100% of its user's total EP.

List of Lost Arts

Trails of Cold Steel II

Quartz Arts Elem. Effect Cast Delay Class
Searing Sun Gem


Sol Eruption


Fire (Sen Element)Space (Sen Element)Wind (Sen Element) [Attack - All - DEF/SPD-50% (5 turns) - Burn (200%)]

The sun burns all. Ignores element efficacy.

3000 3000 5S The Sun (Lost Arts, Sen II)
Clear Moon Gem


Artemis' Tears


Fire (Sen Element)Mirage (Sen Element)Water (Sen Element) [Recovery - All - Recovers 200% HP]

Moon Goddess' power allows recovery beyond the body's limits.

3000 3000 - The Moon (Lost Arts, Sen II)
Glimmering Star Gem


Grail Burst


Fire (Sen Element)Time (Sen Element)Earth (Sen Element) [Support - All - Accelerate - Attack twice in succession (Self)]

Manipulates space-time with the grail's power.

0 0 - The Grail (Lost Arts, Sen II)
Roaring Dragon Gem


Tempestuous Roar


Earth (Sen Element)Water (Sen Element)Wind (Sen Element) [Support - All - CP+100 - Regen 30CP (3 turns)]

Roaring dragons in the earth veins grant power.

3000 3000 - The Dragon (Lost Arts, Sen II)
Divine Salvation Gem


Lost Eden


Time (Sen Element)Space (Sen Element)Mirage (Sen Element) [Attack - All - STR/ATS-50% (5 turns) - Confuse (200%)]

Recreates gods' battle, bringing chaos. Ignores efficacy.

3000 3000 5S The Holy (Lost Arts, Sen II)