Lloyd Bannings (ロイド・バニングス) is the leader of the Crossbell State Police Department's Special Support Section and the protagonist of Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki.



Born in S.1186, Lloyd lost his parents to an accident at the age of 3. From that moment onward, his brother Guy Bannings, a renowned and respected investigator for the Crossbell Police Department's First Division, became his most important role model. Guy's death in S.1201 struck him hard, which forced Lloyd to move in with his uncle in Calvard. Determined to succeed his brother, he signed up for the Police Academy in Crossbell and graduated in S.1203. Part of his training at the Academy was survival training in the Knox Woodlands. During this time, Lloyd was taught combat skills for his tonfa by Douglas, who was a Police Academy instructor at the time.


In S.1204, he was invited by Sergei Lou to join the newly established Special Support Section in Crossbell. His strong sense of justice and deductive reasoning skills led his fellow members to elect him as their leader.


During the Imperial occupation of Crossbell in S.1205-1207, Lloyd worked as a resistance member. On behalf of Cao Lee, Lloyd and Rixia Mao were tasked with backing up data from Orbal Network terminals in the Geofront. During the operation, Lloyd was confronted by Altina Orion and Rean Schwarzer, the latter of which was working as a special military officer of Crossbell's General Government. Lloyd managed to hold off Rean long enough to backup the data, after which Rean summoned Valimar to destroy the computer as a whole. After formally introducing themselves, Rean allowed Lloyd to escape with the data.



Name Effect Cast Cost Level
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Axle Rush
Craft - Attack (Set) - Area (S)
Whirls around tonfas making a sequence of shockwaves.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Stun Break
Craft - Attack - Single - Impede - Confuse (20%)
Shocks with a high-powered current, canceling arts and crafts.
30 CP Level 6
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Encourage
Craft - Support - Area (L) - STR+25%
Encourages allies, raising morale. Gives STR+25%.
30 CP Level 15
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Brave Smash
Craft - Attack (Set) - Line - Seal (75%)
Focuses fighting spirit in a line. 75% chance to seal.
20 CP Level 21
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Burning Heart
Craft - Support - Self - STR/DEF/SPD+50% - Cures Ailments
Gain immense power, but faint afterwards.
40 CP Level 26
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Star Blast
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Elie) - Attack - Area (L)
Attacks with a combined ball of lightning and a lightning-fast charge.
100 CP Story[note 1]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Omega Strike
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Tio) - Attack - Area (M)
100 CP Story[note 2]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Burning Rage
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Randy) - Attack - Area (M)
100 CP Story[note 3]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Star Blast 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Elie) - Attack - Area (L)
Attacks with a combined bullet of lightning with increased penetration giving an intense shock.
100 CP Bonding[note 4]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Omega Strike 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Tio) - Attack - Area (L)
100 CP Bonding[note 4]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Burning Rage 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Randy) - Attack - Area (M)
100 CP Bonding[note 4]
S Craft (Crossbell Skill) Tiger Charge
S-Craft - Attack - Single - Seal 100%
Overwhelms enemy with a barrage of surging strikes, charging like a tiger.
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Crossbell Skill) Rising Sun
S-Craft - Attack - Area (M)
Launches foes up, then attacks like a dragon.
100+ CP Level 32
Support Craft (Crossbell Skill) Extend Hearts
Support Craft - Support - All - STR+25% - CP+30
Encourages allies with burning passion, raising STR and CP.
Story[note 5]
  1. Star Blast is acquired after the rooftop scene in Chapter 2.
  2. Omega Strike is acquired after the hacking scene Chapter 3, Crossbell Anniversary Festival Day 3.
  3. Burning Rage is acquired after the race scene Chapter 3, Crossbell Anniversary Festival Day 2.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 These three combo crafts are aquired by seeing the respective bonding event in the IBC in the Final Chapter. Only one can be acquired in a playthrough.
  5. Extend Hearts becomes available when the party first has five members, during Chapter 2 when investigating Stargazers' Tower.

Name Effect Class Cast Cost Level
Craft (Sen Skill) Raging Spin
Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Impede - Suction
Draws in foes, then strikes them. Unbalance+10%.
A 30 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Brave Smash 2
Attack (Set) - Line (M) - Seal (50%)
Advances with a powerful battle aura. Unbalance+30%.
S+ 40 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Burning Heart 2
Support - Self - STR/DEF/SPD+50% - Nulls ailments/Stat Down
Gain immense power, but inflicts Faint after 5 turns.
50 CP Initial
S Craft (Sen Skill) Rising Sun 2
Attack (Set) - Area (XL)
Launches foes upward, then attacks like a dragon.
SSS+ 100+ CP Initial


Lloyd's ENIGMA orbment is decorated with a light-blue faceplate of a metropolitan cityscape.

The first accessory on his orbment is the police tag of his deceased brother, reading "CrossBell State Police Department, No.03082182: Guy Bannings". The second accessory is a winged lion, reflecting the divine wolf, a holy beast mentioned in Crossbellan legends.