We Read the Comments is an optional quest that occurs during the Festival Preparation Day in the Final Chapter of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Towa Herschel. The player can start the quest by speaking with Michael at the Radio Trista Building in Trista.

This quest must be completed prior to finishing Slipped Their Minds.


  1. Speak with Michael at the Trista Radio Station.
  2. Speak with the following people (can be done in any order):
    1. Ferris in the Auditorium.
    2. Beryl at the Occult Research Society in the Student Union Building.
    3. Class V at the Training Hall in the Gymnasium.
    4. The Female Student in the Lower Class Dormitory.
  3. Return to Michael.


Stage Initial
Initial "We're doing a special feature here at Radio Trista on the academy festival, but we're running a little short on comments. Anyone want to collect the ones we need for me? For more specifics, come see me in the Radio Trista building." --Michael, director at Radio Trista
1 After speaking with Michael:
  • I need to collect comments from:
  1. A Class I first year
  2. A Class V first year
  3. The Occult Research Society
2 After speaking with Ferris:
  • I received a comment from Ferris.
3 After speaking with Beryl:
  • I received a comment from Beryl.
4 After speaking with Class V:
  • I checked the training hall, but it turns out Munk was in charge of making the comment and he wasn't there. He might be in the lower class dormitory, though.
5 After speaking with Munk:
  • I received a comment from Munk.
6 After getting all comments:
  • I've gathered all three comments. Time to let Michael know.
7 After returning to Michael
  • I gave Michael the comments, so the feature should go off without a hitch!