Slipped Their Minds is a required quest that occurs during the Festival Preparation Day in the Final Chapter of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Towa Herschel. The player can start the quest by speaking with Instructor Beatrix in the Main Building of Thors Military Academy.

This quest has no expiration as it is marked as required. All other optional quests during the Festival Preparation Day will expire upon its completion.


  1. Speak with Instructor Beatrix in the Infirmary.
  2. Speak with the following people (can be done in any order):
    • Colette in the Main Building.
    • Millium in the Home Ec Room on Main Building.
    • Nicholas in Brandon's General Goods.
    • Becky and Hugo in front of the Main Building.
  3. Return to Instructor Beatrix.


Stage Entry
Initial "A number of students have yet to collect their permission slips to serve food and drinks at the festival. Given that it's imperative that everyone doing has a slip, I need them delivered today. For more details, speak to me in the infirmary." --Instructor Beatrix
1 After speaking with Instructor Beatrix:
  • Instructor Beatrix gave me four slips to deliver to the following four people.
  1. Nicholas in the Cooking Club
  2. Colette, a first year in Class IV
  3. Becky, who's running her own stall
  4. Hugo, who's also running one of his.
2 After speaking with Hugo and Becky:
  • I delivered Hugo and Becky's permission slips.
3 After speaking with Colette:
  • I delivered Colette's permission slip.
4 After speaking with Millium:
  • I went to the Cooking Club's clubroom, but it seens like Nicholas went out to buy supplies. I guess I'll have to find him at Brandon's General Goods.
5 After speaking with Nicholas:
  • I delivered Nicholas' permission slip.
6 After delivering all permission slips:
  • Now that I've delivered all four permission slips, I should let Instructor Beatrix know.
7 After returning to Instructor Beatrix:
  • I reported back to Instructor Beatrix, completing her request!