Mail Mixup is an optional quest that occurs during the Festival Preparation Day in the Final Chapter of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Towa Herschel. The player can start the quest by speaking with Bridget in the Main Building of Thors Military Academy.

This quest must be completed prior to finishing Slipped Their Minds.


  1. Speak with Bridget in the Main Building.
  2. Speak with Lambert on Academy Field.
  3. Speak with Keynes in Keynes' Bookstore.
  4. Speak with Dorothee in the Literature Club Room in the Student Union Building.
  5. Return to Bridget.


Stage Entry
Initial "Our class received a package that clearly wasn't meant for us. We want to get it to whichever class ordered it, but we're too swamped with preparations to ask around. Could someone please deliver this for us? We'll be outside Class II's second-year classroom preparing for the festival. Please come see us if you can help." --Bridget, Year I, Class II
1 After speaking with Bridget:
  • I picked up the package that's been delivered to Class II only to find cones inside... These are probably going to be used for something on the field.
2 After speaking with Lambert:
  • It turns out the cones were meant for the Riding Club. Not only did they not get their package, but they got another one full of newly-printed books, too. Now I have to figure out who these are for...
3 After speaking with Keynes:
  • I took the books to the bookstore and, unsurprisingly, I was entrusted with yet another package. This one contains copies of a handmade short story anthology.
4 After speaking with Dorothee:
  • Once I delivered the anthologies, I was given a package full of expensive-looking ornaments. Given that Class II's contribution to the festival has a fancy name like 'Stella Garten'...
5 After returning to Bridget:
  • We've finally come full circle. All of the packages have been properly delivered!

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