Academy Festival Patrol is an optional quest that occurs during the 127th Thors Military Academy Festival in the Final Chapter of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Towa Herschel. The player can start the quest by triggering specific hidden encounters throughout the day at Thors Military Academy.

This quest must be completed prior to spending all six Festival Tickets. Certain sections of this quest must be finished before a certain number of tickets are spent, or these sections will expire.


Morning (<2 tickets spent)

  1. Speak with an old couple near the Auditorium.
    • Answer 3rd choice: Gate of Avalon.
  2. Speak with the family on the Main Building Rooftop
    • Examine the Mishy on West Side of Main Building 2F.

Afternoon (>2 tickets spent):

  1. Speak with Becky at her stall in front of the Main Building
    • Give her 10x Coarse Rock Salt.
  2. Talk to the family under the tree near the Academy Field,
    • go to the Custodian's Room in the Main Building 1F 
    • Speak with Janitor Gyler to borrow a Ladder.

Evening (>5 tickets spent):

  1. Speak with Vanilla in front of Old Schoolhouse.
    • Speak with Instructor Makarov in the Student Union Building.
    • Return to Vanilla with Instructor Makarov at the Old Schoolhouse.

(Note: You will earn the +5 AP for doing these tasks)


Stage Entry
Initial "I've agreed to help the Student Council during the festival. I'll be walking around and seeing if anyone needs help."
1 After helping the old couple:
  • A couple asked me about Class III's attraction and I was able to guide them properly!
2 After helping the little girl:
  • A girl on the rooftop has dropped her Mishy plush. She apparently had it just a while ago, so I should look around the main building for it.
  • I found the girl's Mishy plush in the main building and returned it to her!
3 After helping Becky:
  • Becky asked me to find and deliver her ten packs of Course Rock Salt.
  • I gave Becky the salt she needed!
4 After helping the little boy:
  • A boy's balloon has been caught in a tree near the field. I'll have to borrow a ladder from the janitor to get it down.
5 After helping Vanilla:
  • I found Vanilla lost in front of the old schoolhouse. I should let Instructor Makarov know where she is.
  • I told Instructor Makarov about Vanilla!