Old Schoolhouse Mystery VI is a required quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 6: Progressive Chaos of Trails of Cold Steel. It is sixth in a series of quests involving the Old Schoolhouse.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Student Council via your mailbox. The player can start the quest by heading straight to the Old Schoolhouse Building at Thors Military Academy.

This quest has no expiration as it is marked as required. All other optional quests during the free day will expire upon its completion.


  1. Head to the Old Schoolhouse and enter to start the quest.
  2. Defeat the 2x Elvavria at the end of the floor.
    • Tip: The enemy deals the paralysis status ailment frequently. Please plan accordingly.
  3. Return to Principal Vandyck.


Stage Entry
Initial "Good Mr. Schwarzer, we have come to an amusing juncture at which, even were I to submit a blank request form, you would naturally assume my intent to be an investigation of the old schoolhouse, and so it is once again." --Principal Vandyck
1 After reaching the sixth and final floor:
  • All of the lights on the elevator panel are lit and we can now descend all the way to the sixth floor. There's no telling what awaits us now.
2 After defeating the Elvavria:
  • We defeated an unbelievably powerful foe and...nothing happened. Not much to do now but go home for the day
3 After leaving the Old Schoolhouse:
  • It's hard to believe, but that spells the end of our schoolhouse investigations.