A Personal Request is a required quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 6: Progressive Chaos of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Student Council via your mailbox. The player can start the quest by talking to Angelica in the Training Hall at the Gymnasium.

This quest has no expiration as it is marked as required.


  1. Speak with Angelica at the Gymnasium.
  2. Accept the duel.
  3. Do the following for +2 AP:
    • Win the fight.
  4. Follow up with Angelica.


Stage Entry
Initial "Rean, I have to ask you to do me a favor. I'll be in the training hall on the first floor of the gym. If you come, come prepared." --Angelica Rogner
1 After speaking with Angelica:
  • Turns out that by 'favor,' Angelica meant 'duel.'
2 After the winning the duel:
  • I was able to emerge victorious, but it wasn't wasn't easy. Angelica's a practitioner of Taito, and she's no slouch in a fight.