The Sleeping Boy is a hidden quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 5: Signs and Omens of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is hidden and must be initiated by speaking with the client. The player can start the quest by talking to Hanna at her home in Trista.

This quest is available after Old Schoolhouse Mystery V. This quest must be completed prior to returning to the Class VII Dormitory to end the day.


  • Speak with Hanna in her Home in Southeast Trista.
  • Find Kurt in the Trista Chapel.
  • Speak with Rosine about Kurt.
  • Return to Hanna.
    • Receive Character Note - Rosine.


Stage Entry
Initial I practically stumbled over a boy named Kurt asleep in the church. Rosine and I decided to work together to get him home safely"
1 After getting Kurt home:
  • I carried Kurt home as Rosine held an umbrella over me. Together , we were able to get him home without waking him up.