An Offering to the Departed is an optional quest that occurs during the Field Study (Day 2) in Chapter 5: Signs and Omens of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Toval Randonneur via the Field Study envelope. The player can start the quest by talking to Weiber at the Aprikose Inn in Legram.

This quest has must be completed prior to reporting in for the day at the Legram Bracer Guild.


  • Speak with Weiber at the Aprikose Inn in Legram.
  • Proceed to Ebel Highway 1.
  • Speak with Annabelle at the River Bridge.
  • Catch the Gold Salmon at the Fishing Spot.
  • Return to Weiber.


Stage Entry
Initial "Calling all fisherman! Could someone catch me the elusive gold salmon? Find me at the Aprikoze inn for more detailed information." --Weiber
1 After speaking with Weiber:
  • Weiber claims Toval spotted a gold salmon in a river just off the highway. We should take a look for ourselves.
2 After speaking with Annabelle:
  • We arrived at the river only to find that somebody had beaten us there. Even more surprisingly, she challenged us to see who could catch a gold salmon first.
3 After catching a gold salmon:
  • We caught a gold salmon! Weiber's going to be so excited!
4 After returning to Weiber:
  • When we delivered the fish to Weiber, he let us taste some of it. Awesome!