Made for Walkin' is an optional quest that occurs during the Field Study (Day 2) in Chapter 4: A Midsummer's Revels of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Carl Regnitz via the Field Study envelope. The player can start the quest by speaking with Howard at the Le Sage Boutique on Vainqueur Street.

This quest has must be completed prior to finishing Heimdallr Port Monster.


  1. Speak with Owner Howard in Le Sage Boutique on Vainqueur Street.
  2. Receive a pair of Ladies' Stregas.
  3. Equip them to Laura and walk 2000 steps or more.
    • Note: You do not have to make Laura the party leader.
    • Note: You can just walk around until you walk 2,000 steps to complete this quest outright, or do it while carry out other quests.
    • Note: There is no counter for keeping track of steps. You must use the Orbal Pedometer in the item bag category Event it'll tell you how many steps you've taken.
  4. Return to Howard.


Stage Entry
Initial "I need someone to test a new product. Come to Le Sage on Vainqueur Street and I'll tell you more."


1 After speaking to Howard:
  • Howard gave us a pair of Ladies' Stregas.
  • Laura's going to have to walk two thousand steps while wearing them.
2 After walking 2000 steps:
  • Laura walked over two thousands steps in the Stregas and we told Howard how they help up.